NY Times Panders to Boston’s Radical Islamic Terrorists



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While some in the House are concerned that there are others involved in the Boston bombings, the NY Times is blaming the United States for Tamerlan’s turn to the dark side. After all, Tamerlan had such a “good heart” and it was the US that wouldn’t let him pursue his boxing dream.

Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, Michael McCaul, said House Republicans are becoming more convinced that there are others involved in the Boston bombing. They suspect the mother, Zubeidat, played an important role in her son’s radicalization.

McCaul told Fox News Sunday there was a level of sophistication in the type of bomb and the making of the bomb which helped lead him to the conclusion there was a trainer.

These are the type of IED’s used by insurgents in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other hot spots in the mid-East. Making and carrying these bombs is dangerous and not having them blow up in the process takes a fair level of sophistication.

McCaul was critical of the administration for deciding within days of the attack that there were no overseas connections. Most experts agree, McCaul said, that there was a trainer. We don’t even know where this trainer is or if there are others, yet they’ve made their decision.

“They just got captured,” McCaul said. “Yet the narrative being played out by the administration is there is no connection. … It’s a rush to judgment.”

McCaul said that the photo of Dzhorkhar in Times Square along with the FBI statements from the interrogation of Dzhorkhar helped lead him to the conclusion that the brothers were on their way to attack Times Square with ten more bombs.

McCaul said we owe it to the American people to “see where the investigation goes.”

Manchin agreed with McCaul and hopes to see Dzhorkhar’s interrogation go further. He’s not satisfied with the proclamation that there is no overseas connection. He brought up the fact that Tamerlan traveled to Russia and the Russians warned us about him.

McCaul’s biggest concern is what happened in the joint terrorism taskforce that did not link the information from the FBI, the CIA and Tamerlan’s trip to Russia. Tamerlan was clearly radicalized while in Russia, McCaul said.

NPR reported that there is a recording of a phone conversation between Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his mother Zubeidat in which they “vaguely discussed jihad.” They discussed him traveling to Palestine but he said he probably would not go there because he did not speak Arabic.

Zubeidat also texted that her son was ready “to die for Islam.” She is also on record conversing with a man in the Caucasus region who is under FBI investigation.

The NY Times has an article today which describes Tamerlan as a frustrated dreamer who turned to jihad in despair. After all, he was barred from a boxing tournament because he was not a citizen. His brother is the loyal younger one. The poor dear Tamerlan leaves behind a wife and daughter.

They quote his violent mother as saying she loved to hug him and kiss him [Tamerlan]. He was “handsome as Hercules.”

The Times article mentions that Tamerlan collected welfare and food stamps and did not work while his wife toiled for long hours as a home health aide. They don’t bring up the caddishness in all this of course. Instead, they say it was hardly the life he imagined! Personally I think it was exactly the life he imagined.

The NY Times purports to care about women and their health yet they don’t see the evil in how Tamerlan used his wife.

A rug maker they interviewed said he was a poor struggling young man with a “good heart.” That cinches it! He had a good heart!

Meanwhile, one of the Boston bombing victims, Jeff Bauman, identified Tamerlan to the FBI and said “He was right next to me at that point and he had a bag and he had his glasses. He had kind of like a leather-like sweatshirt type of deal, and it was warm out. He was just an odd guy, he struck me as odd…He just didn’t seem right. You know how you size somebody up. I just looked at him. I was like, what’s this guy’s problem?

Jeff Bauman has a hearing loss, has lost both legs and is in pain every day. Jeff Bauman and the other 200 victims and their families were not mentioned in this article.

The NY Times wrote about Tamerlan’s alleged normal childhood in which he was assimilated into the culture. His wonderful career as a boxer is annotated with warm, fuzzies about him.

It was America’s fault that he ended up as a jihad bomber because the US didn’t let him compete as a citizen for the inconsequential reason that he wasn’t a citizen.

The “sympathetic bomber” appears victimized by a girlfriend (his widow) who called the police with “hysterical crying” claiming he slapped her. She yelled about another girl [the problem is her]. Of course, the charges were dismissed. This held back his citizenship. That’s when he became a jihadist bent on hate and destruction – definitely!

I imagine the mother stealing from Lord & Taylor was our fault as well. If only we had given her more welfare, she could have shopped legally in the upscale store.

Instead of telling the truth that Tamerlan should have been deported in 2011, the NY Times has chosen to blame America.

The NY Times writer obviously didn’t notice that his mother is a raving lunatic who hates America:

video of Zubeidat screaming she doesn’t care if her sons die, adding Allahu Akbar

If you want to be nauseated as I was, click this link to the NY Times. It took three NY Times writers to come up with this garbage. One of them is a Pulitzer Prize winner.