NY Times Sees Brainwashing Opportunities in Common Core Standards



Cartoon photo of message to the NY Times

hat tip to Jim Kelly for this story

For those who don’t know, the Common Core Standards are the new one-size-fits-all educational guidelines that almost every state has adopted or will adopt. Along with the Standards, comes standardized national tests which will nationalize education, taking it out of local control. It is a way around the Constitution which does not allow nationalized education. What could go wrong with that?

Just when one thought the Common Core couldn’t get worse, the New York Times thought of a way. The NY Times announced it has entered into partnership with high school teachers to have them use NY Times articles as the content for embedded readings in grades 9 and 10.

The Times wants to inject itself into the 9th and 10th grade sections that require the reading of informational texts. The NY Times thinks their biased newspaper should be the source of that information.

They want to decide what 9th and 10th grade common core students will read and discuss each week. What a dandy idea.

When I taught, we used several papers with various slants. Those were the days when there were various slants. We then taught the students how to read critically and think for themselves. We told them how to look circumspectly at newspapers, the least reliable research material.

The NY Times is passing itself off as a more reliable “source of information” than they actually are, given their many biases. They want teachers to think they have all the information the students need.

The Times is essentially planning a coup of our children’s minds and they get the added bonus of lifelong readers, which should make them very profitable.

Read all about their indoctrination program at the NY Times