NYC 911 Operator Said Murdered Officers “Deserved It”


Two 911 operators who answer calls for the NYPD made disparaging remarks against the police after learning that two officers were murdered. One said they “deserved it,” according to a NY Daily News exclusive.

Two FDNY dispatchers heard it and a verbal fight broke out.

One of the workers said it made him “sick to his stomach” and he moved to another desk.

The fight was between the FDNY and NYPD operators.

Call center authorities say they have no record of the spat – and that nobody was disciplined in relation to it.

This allegedly happened in the 911 call center in Brooklyn’s MetroTech Center.

President Obama who can’t wait to rush out and speak on behalf of deceased black criminals hasn’t come out to support the police hat we know of. He did call de Blasio to offer his sympathies to him.

Just another day in Sandanista Bill’s NY.

Source: NY Daily News