NYC Hopes to Elect Replacement Crooks & Liars for High Office


Sptizer's girls

New York City, currently under the microscope for multiple corruption investigations, apparently wants replacement crooks and liars! At least that is what the popular candidacies of Eliot Sptizer and Anthony Weiner would seem to suggest.

Spitzer wants supervision of New York City’s funding as the new Comptroller after a five-year hiatus from public office, having left in disgrace for lying about his frequenting of prostitutes and misusing funds to pay for his illegal past-time.

He hopes for forgiveness though it would be more appropriate for him to say he hopes for short memories among the electorate.

He also said:

I am going to be on the street corners. We will be out across the city.”

It is a good place for him to find more hookers!

Eliot Sptizer, who made a career out of sanctimoniously going after others for the same thing he was doing, not only engaged in prostitution, he lied about it and hid funds to pay for his dalliances.

During his time as attorney general, Spitzer brought major cases against some of the country’s largest corporate giants. He also brought at least two cases against alleged prostitution rings.  One lawyer for a Spitzer target said “If it is true, it’s hypocritical and he should be treated in the same overzealous, mean-spirited way he treated other similarly situated people.”

Many of his cases went nowhere or were overcharged. Spitzer was more about making a name for himself than getting facts straight or prosecuting fairly. He was one to overcharge.

Spitzer, who hit on three prostitutes a day at least once, did so while prosecuting others for doing the same thing. He hid money and he lied about his involvement. He was caught when the bank turned over his suspicious fund transfers to authorities. He was caught on a federal wiretap and was known as Client No. 9. He was also known as George Fox, the name of a friend of his who seemed unaware that his name was being used.

Spitzer was charged under the Mann Act which makes it illegal to transport someone between states for the purpose of prostitution.


Milder photo of a nude Weiner sent to young woman while his wife was pregnant

Anthony Weiner, the sexting madman, also has a more egregious past than the media likes to mention. He not only texted nude pictures of himself and his body parts in their full glory, he accused his accuser of lying about it and hacking his accounts. When he had no choice, Weiner gave a tearful, weasely apology.

CBS News announced on the radio Monday that Weiner never sent a completely nude photo around, only one with his special part erect under his drawers. Thats is not correct. Click here for the photo they are pretending does not exist. Breitbart refused to release it but he showed Opie and Anthony who copied it and posted it.

Andrew Breitbart picked up Weiner’s texts to young girls on Twitter, one was only 17 at the time. Breitbart noticed Weiner’s followers were mostly young women and began following his texts. He collected some when he saw the content.

Breitbart only posted the story when the sitting congressman lied and said his account was hacked and that he was not sexting.

Weiner then said Breitbart was a liar and he kept up that line for quite some time. He allowed his minions at and the Gawker to defend him with lies against Breitbart without clearing the record.

Andrew Breitbart ended up taking over Anthony Weiner’s presser at the request of the media. It seemed to force Weiner into admitting the truth. CLICK HERE FOR THAT VIDEO