NYC Mayor De Blasio Booed at Police Academy Graduation – Videos


On Face the Nation Sunday, former Mayor Rudy Guiliani implored Mayor Bill de Blasio to apologize to the NYPD for contributing to an anti-police environment and strongly suggested he dump the very anti-police race-baiter Al Sharpton. It was good advice. Otherwise, de Blasio’s going to have a tough time as he fills out his term.

The Police Academy graduation today is a good example of what he will face.

Comrade de Blasio addressed the police academy Fall graduates of 884 officers Monday and was greeted with boos along with some applause.

A half dozen or so turned their backs as he spoke. They appeared to be in uniform according to the NY Times.

As he spoke, the audience grew silent.

He told them they were heroic. “It takes a special kind of person to put their lives on the line for others,” Mr. de Blasio said. “To stare down the danger, because that is what you will do.”

Then he told the academy class that on the job, they would “confront problems that you didn’t create.” Someone in the crowd yelled out “You did!” and drew a hearty round of applause, cheers and a couple whistles.

You can’t hear the heckler in this clip but you can hear the applause which appears to be for the heckler, not de Blasio.

His speech ended with weak applause.