NY’s Deplorable Ugly Medicine – A Preview of Obamacare


NY is ahead of the curve. We have our own version of Obamacare and we proudly boast that New York state spends more than twice the per-capita national average for Medicaid, both for total spending and for most major program categories, that includes all the fraud and waste because nothing has been done about that as of yet.

Medical spending is one of the reasons NY is spending $266 billion and taking in only $205 billion. We will spend $15.3 billion on Medicaid this year and much of it goes to illegals where we have the second highest percentage in the country. We paid for abortions, contraceptives and all those other fine things before Sebellius handed down her recent proclamation, which is in actuality an unfunded mandate on insurance companies.

Yes, NY is ahead of the curve, which is why you should know a little of what goes on here.

The paperwork NY requires doctors to complete is deplorable, and after completing the deplorable paperwork, it goes to a NY agency where it sits unattended, muddled, and eventually processed.

The following is one good example. Doctors now need a license to prescribe durable medical goods such as wheelchairs, walkers and so on. The form is 30 pages long. My doctor got to page 3 and found it so confusing that he decided to hire a professional at a cost of $1500 to fill it out. She did complete it, but once it got to the state, it became so difficult to process that she quit, saying she couldn’t do it, it was impossible.

Our politicians keep interfering in fields they know nothing about. For example, Chuck Schumer wants to get after doctors for writing excessive prescriptions for narcotics, and he wants a new agency to monitor it. The fact is that everyone knows who the Vicodin doctors are. Those doctors have lines out the doors.

We don’t need a new agency Chuck Schumer, we simply need to enforce the laws we have by arresting the doctors who are abusing the law. We have the laws, but they are not being enforced. I will be happy to report the local doctors who give away drugs like they are candy, but then the paperwork would be impossible.

If you have seen prescription forms in NY lately, you will see that they have numbers and bar codes – how much more surveillance by agencies do we need? We need people to actually arrest these doctors.

Fewer and fewer doctors will take Medicaid patients here because they lose money on them so these patients go to doctors most of us would prefer not to go to. If Medicare payments are not increased, most doctors will drop their Medicare patients.

The cost of doing business in NY is too high and they are working with Medicaid patients nearly for free now. I have seen what medicare pays out for people I know who are on Medicare. Do people really think a Doctor can keep a medical office going for payments of $10 to $25 per visit? Don’t forget that Obamacare will take half-a-trillion from Medicare, eventually, with Obamacare, we will all be in one big Medicaid system.

Doctors in NY give vaccines for nothing – they make no money on them.

Somehow people have gotten the idea that they shouldn’t have to pay for their medical care. They will pay for clothes, boats, cars, houses, but not for medical care. Actually, I shouldn’t include houses because the Barney Franks in the government want to make free houses a right.

Even if everyone has to share the medical costs, it will be expensive, actually more expensive than if it remains with private industry.

NY will eventually lose all private practice physicians. It’s simply not worth it.

The government will ruin medical care with voluminous paperwork and elimination of the patient-doctor relationship. It will be like the post office if we’re lucky and I can’t wait for the IRS agent who is going to tell me whether I can have that surgery or not. Read more here: A Doctor’s Letter About Healthcare – One Year Later