NY’s Newsday Calls Serious Obamacare Problem a “Glitch”



If Bush pushed through a law that required us to pass it before we could see what is in it, the mainstream media would have railed against him. If that bill then turned out to be a costly and confused mess, they would have looked to have him impeached. Obama does it and it’s a glitch.

President Obama blames Congress and the way they wrote the law for the latest “glitch.” Newsday didn’t bother to mention that the only congressional members who were involved in writing the bill were Democrats. Actually MoveOn had more to do with writing the bill than Congress did.

Newsday didn’t come right out and blame Republicans for the glitch but the insinuation was there.

They did blame the Republicans for any failure to fix the problem. The problem won’t be fixed but it is not going to be the Republicans’ fault.

The bill was written by numerous special interest groups and none of them put all the pieces together in a cohesive fashion. It was then pushed through without going back to the Senate to be looked at and fixed because they knew it would be voted down.

The president is free to fix the problem. Sebelius could simply write another rule as she has been doing. The reason she is not doing so is because it can’t be fixed. The IRS tried and failed. The bill is so poorly written that it cannot be fixed.

CNS News reported about the final IRS rule yesterday. It seems that the cheapest health insurance plan for a family by 2016 will be $20,000 a year.

“The annual national average bronze plan premium for a family of 5 (2 adults, 3 children) is $20,000,” the regulation says.

Bronze is the lowest tier health plan.

The problem according to Newsday was the way in which “affordable” was defined. People who have coverage do not qualify for subsidies. The coverage cannot cost more than 9.5% of family income [that was done so the CBO would show it saves money]. Affordable is tied to the cost of coverage not to his or her family.

Many families will not be able to afford the health insurance offered by their employers and won’t be eligible for the government-subsidized insurance. They will go without insurance. The government (most beneficently) will not fine them.

Sebelius said she was counting on the Medicaid expansion to pick up a lot of these people who will fall through the cracks.

Medicaid is the worst healthcare plan in the country and it costs a great deal of money. The states would have to pick up the cost after a year which is why many Governors refused to expand it.

Remember when Obama said premiums will fall by as much as 3000% so we can all get a raise:

Then we have the medical device killer tax which can’t be fixed.

Obama is apparently going to give a broader HHS mandate waiver to religious institutions but I haven’t read the rule yet. He probably saw the writing on the wall with the many other flaws in the bill and decided to not take on this fight for now.

Private for-profit companies owned by religious people will not be eligible for the waiver and will still have to violate their conscience.

President Obama might not care if our healthcare system collapses because, in the end, Obama hopes this will lead to a single payer socialist system. No matter what the case, Obamacare is a mess and we’ve only just begun.