Obama Admin Attempts to Bully Google into Removing Mohammed Movie Trailer

President Obama Claims the Massive Protests Are Not Against the U.S. or U.S. Administration, Obviously

Four murdered Americans arrived home in caskets and Hillary Clinton thought it appropriate to rant against free speech and an idiotic movie trailer after her beautiful eulogy.

The White House used their power to try to get YouTube to “review” the video that supposedly set off a firestorm throughout the world. YouTube stuck to their guns and did not review it nor did they take it down.

Google, owner of YouTube, also denied a request by the United States to take the movie trailer down.

The movie trailer was not the cause of the planned attacks and was originally posted in June. The terrorists might be using the film for motivational purposes but it wasn’t the cause. If it wasn’t the trailer, they would have found some other excuse and we are fools to go along with this. Our foreign policy is not working and therein lies the real problem.