Obama Administration Described As Stalinist and Lawless



For those who think the right-wing radio talk show hosts are hyperbolic in saying the Obama Administration is Stalinist, you might want to consider how Stalin got his start. Also consider what went on in the House hearings this week.

Not only did the IRS target new 501(c)(4)s, they targeted existing organizations. Organizations were flagged for surveillance and monitoring of all their publicly available information and 100% selected for auditing were right-leaning.

If this isn’t a smoking gun, what is?

This is, as Mark Levin said, a “massive scandal, it’s Stalinist…” It’s widespread and it’s centered in DC.

This was a widespread policy meant to suppress free speech and it wasn’t orchestrated by a few rogue agents in Cincinnati.

Listen to Rep. Dave Camp about the new revelations and ask how many revelations do we need before we come to the conclusion that this is an out of control government robbing some of the populace of free speech.

Rush Limbaugh has repeatedly talked about the lawlessness of this Administration.

In this next audio, he discussed the Administration’s turning of staffing decisions into crimes. “So what the Obama Regime has done,” Rush said, “is said firms and businesses are going to be required to certify to the IRS — under penalty of perjury — that Obamacare was not a motivating factor in their staffing decisions.” We have the story on this link.

video first seen at gateway pundit

Remember when Obama and Pelosi were considering making it a crime punishable by imprisonment to not buy health insurance? The only reason they didn’t do it was because there was a public outcry and they would never have passed the insane ObamaCare bill.

Charles Krauthammer is a moderate voice and he describes the Administration’s actions as lawlessness, endemic lawlessness: