Obama Administration Gave a Visa to a Criminal Russian Nuclear Executive


The Obama administration gave a visa to a top Russian nuclear executive to enter the U.S. even though the FBI had the proof that he was deeply involved in the Russia bribery-extortion-money laundering scandal, John Solomon reported at The Hill.

Vadim Mikerin, Russian spy and criminal

John Solomon of Circa News has the records to prove it.

Tenex executive Vadim Mikerin was operating illegally by the fall of 2009, yet he was given a temporary work visa in December 2011.

Milkerin’s visa was renewed in August 2014, months before he was arrested.

Senator Grassley as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee wants to know why.

“It is concerning that a suspected criminal was able to apply for and renew a work visa while being under FBI investigation,” Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) wrote in a letter.

Officials for the FBI, State and Homeland did not return calls and emails seeking an explanation why Mikerin was granted a visa after the FBI already had evidence he was engaged in wrongdoing.

Officials familiar with law enforcement issues involving visas said it was possible the FBI evidence on Mikerin was not flagged in databases checked by State and Homeland before Mikerin was granted entry.

It’s possible the FBI asked the agencies to allow Mikerin to enter the country so they could monitor his activities as part of a larger counterintelligence operation and detect other possible conspirators.

However, these visa programs have major problems not being addressed.

It took five years for the FBI to bring charges from the time Mikerin’s illegal conduct was detected in 2009.

During the five-year delay, the Obama administration approved the controversial sale of uranium assets to Mikerin’s parent company Rosatom, and also allowed billions in new contracts to be signed between TENEX and American utilities.

Republican lawmakers want to know if this criminal scheme was grounds to oppose the deals. The fact that they have to ask is a sign of how sick our government is.

Thank heaven for these few reporters like John Solomon who still care about America. Remember when every media outlet honestly and fairly investigated?