Obama Administration Hails A Disastrous Cuban Deal


Barack Obama and John Kerry have made a dramatic event out of raising the U.S. flag over the U.S. embassy in Havana as if they have something to boast about. They even had Marines who took it down decades ago return to raise it. It’s absolutely bizarre, but I am curious as to what other people think.

The Obama administration made a deal in which the U.S. got nearly-nothing but the Cuban Communist government will be enriched. Instead of hiding in shame, the administration is promoting the shallow deal.

Talk about turning lemons into lemonade.

This type of propaganda and deceit is worthy of a Banana Republic.


The video below contains a few soundbites from John Kerry’s speech which he gave in English and Spanish. Aside from his pie-in-the-sky imaginings, he expressed his hope that they will pursue social and economic justice, which is, of course, Socialism.

He claimed that Barack Obama and Raul Castro made a “courageous decision”. Courageous? Raul gave up nothing but he will profit.

Fidel Castro is now demanding we pay reparations to his government of communist terrorists, money which we do not owe and money which will not go to the people. Don’t think for a minute that Obama won’t start funding them.

Barack Obama’s so-called courage amounted to giving away the store. There are hundreds of political prisoners he made no effort to get released. An American and a handful of political prisoners in Cuba were released and at least one was rearrested. The whereabouts of the others are unknown. We, on the other hand, gave up three terrorist-murdering spies.

Castro will now do business with American companies and doesn’t have to do one thing about his human rights abuses.

This past weekend 100 Cuban dissidents were arrested and 90 were taken away by Cuban authorities. Their crime was to march wearing masks of President Barack Obama, demanding that the White House pressure Cuba to respect human rights and political freedom.


Reports are that about 60 of those arrested are members of the Damas de Blanco (“Ladies in White”) dissidents who are mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives of political prisoners. They march silently every Sunday.

One Catholic Church told one branch – Las Villas – to leave the church, according to Breitbart.

The Pope helped broker this well-intentioned deal.

John Kerry said Cubans must shape their own future. How are they supposed to do that under the violent, communist thumb of the Cuban government? Cuba by the way works closely with Venezuela and Iran?

Dissidents in Cuba are not happy about it. One Cuban who was interviewed said,”They feel more free to oppress us, and at the same time the signal for the people fighting the government, making a huge confusion, because right now people don’t understand who are their friends that are supporting the changes for the democracy, and who are the people supporting the government.”

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) said yesterday that the reason for these arrests was to send a strong message that nothing will change and they had better not resist.

This entire event is an embarrassment that our government is making into a positive event like they do in tinpot dictatorships.

We got nothing for this but we are going to help enrich an evil and corrupt Communist government. The government is still going to promote hatred and fear of Americans.

An article in the New York Times in July included this excerpt about Rubio who is a strong opponent of this deal:

As Mr. Rubio has intensified his opposition, Cubans have begun to view him as the most prominent of American hangmen.

“He wants to kill us!” Alain Marcelo, 46, said as he sat on a porch next to a grazing horse and a shack scrawled with yellow “Viva Fidel y Raúl” graffiti in Jicotea, the no-streetlight town where Mr. Rubio’s great-grandparents arrived from Spain to farm sugar cane in the late 19th century. “He’s our enemy!”

The New York Times doesn’t even understand that this is the Communist government at work with their hate and propaganda. They’ve become apologists for Barack Obama, terrorists and Communists. They will batter anyone who opposes anything this administration does whether they are right or wrong.

Marco Rubio is slamming the Obama administration for bringing “legitimacy to a state sponsor of terror.” As the son of Cuban-American parents, he can speak from knowledge on this issue.

“President Obama has rewarded the Castro regime for its repressive tactics and persistent, patient opposition to American interests,” Rubio said Friday in a speech at the Foreign Policy Initiative in New York City. “He has unilaterally given up on a half-century worth of policy toward the Castro regime that was agreed upon by presidents of both parties.

“The deal with Cuba threatens America’s moral standing in our hemisphere and around the world, brings legitimacy to a state sponsor of terror, and further empowers an ally of China and Russia that sits just 90 miles from our shore,” the Florida senator added.

No Cuban dissidents were invited to mark the occasion.

Rubio knocked their exclusion from the embassy opening, and added the event will be “little more than a propaganda rally for the Castro regime.”

What do you think?



  1. Well this is a reminder that POTUS Carter in 1979 giving away the Panama Canal which had documented papers proving the U.S. had purchased every bit of land from Panama. Gave it back and also gave them 10,000,000 every year. A lot of Americans died building that canal, Carter and Obama don’t give a rats ass about Americans and Human Rights. Another inlet for terrorists to enter the U,S.

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