Obama Administration Illegally Threatened Uranium One Informant


Hillary Clinton was supposed to win the presidency and if she had, the revelations of the last two weeks would have remained secret. The Obama administration used Third World tactics to keep the Uranium One/Tenex deals from the public.

Eric Holder’s DoJ threatened the informant who has been now given the okay to speak to the two congressional committees investigating the Uranium and Tenex deals with Russia.

His lawyer, Victoria Toensing, is now free to speak and what she has to say is stunning and it should alarm all Americans. She claims her client was intimidated into silence and was under direct threat when he initiated a civil lawsuit against the government to get the information out into the public domain.

He was told by Obama Administration lawyers that his “reputation and liberty [were] in jeopardy” if he didn’t not comply, according to attorney Victoria Toensing. She explained that there has never been a criminal penalty for this type of breach.

Greg Jarrett, the legal analyst for Fox News, explained upon hearing this that a gag order cannot be put on someone Congress wants to speak to.

The Obama administration acted like Third World dictators, violating the rule of law, if this report is accurate.


  1. The Obama administration did something illegal?

    yes dozens of times!!!

    Obama did not even write his own book, his social number is not from the right state, his book cover said he was from kenya, when trump demanded he show his birth certificate and he did, every honest expert said it was a montage or whatever the technical term is ( layering? ) no one has ever seen him at the university he supposedly got a degree

    it goes on and on and on

    Obama has been lying and cheating and deceiving all his life and when he became president he became untouchable because of “racism” and because of the super corrupt main stream media that was acting like a shield to protect Obama while he was doing all sorts of immoral and illegal things

    He used the IRS to harrass and intimidate right wing groups, he is on video telling Americans 28 times ” you can keep your health care program” then when Obamacare passed we learned he was LYING the whole time and his people KNEW he was

    anyway no need for me to make the whole list, most people know all the things he did

    Obama is a psychopath

    and as is often the case with psychopaths he has a lot of charisma and looks innocent like a little boy

    that is how they seduce and hypnothise everyone

    Obama is a psychopath.

    that is as certain as the sun is hot and water is wet.

    Did he not just sealed more records for 5 years?

    he is evil and he is a psychopath.

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