Obama Administration Investigates Itself – Finds Nothing Could Have Prevented Benghazi Deaths


Obama Administration Investigates Itself – Finds Nothing

Why Are We Not Surprised?

Just who’s running the show here?  Did someone sneak in, under the cover of darkness and rewrite the Constitution?  Did the powers vested in Congress just get trumped by a gang of politically motivated State Department officials?  That’s what it looks like and it also looks as though Congressman Darrell Issa fully understands that every member of the House and Senate outrank every single person who works for the Department of State.

Darrell Issa Doesn’t Seem To Trust The State Department.

The latest kerfuffle involving Congress and Obama’s yes men took place Monday and The Hill has this report:

“The State Department on Monday defended its decision not to have lower-level employees testify before Congress about last year’s attack in Benghazi, Libya.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is pushing ahead with his investigation of the terrorist assault, and has asked for legal protections for lower-level employees who might be called to testify.

The State Department pushed back on Monday and said the independent probe into the attack “should be enough” for lawmakers.

“We think that we’ve done an independent investigation, that it’s been transparent, thorough, credible, and detailed, and that we’ve shared those findings with the U.S. Congress,” State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell said. “And that should be enough.”

Congressional Republicans Not Buying What Patrick Ventrell Is Selling

In other words, we investigated ourselves and we didn’t do anything wrong.  A similar retort could be expected from ANY criminal, under oath and in a court of law.  It’s a lie.  It’s a massive coverup and the Obama administration is in it up to their eye brows.  Obama is content with his hired guns at the top testifying, but you know they’ve been well-coached and will stray not from the company line. They certainly will offer no direct testimony as to the complicity of former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and NEVER against their President, no matter how damning their testimony might be.

At least one person with direct knowledge has come forward, despite reports of direct threats against doing so, and what he has to say has all of foggy bottom in an uproar.  You can read and watch more on that brave soul’s testimony at The Blaze.

“Issa counters that State Department employees have approached his committee about their concerns with the events leading up to the attack and its aftermath.

His committee and four others last week released a 46-page report lambasted by Democrats — that accuses Clinton of approving lax security and seeking to hide her department’s responsibility in talking points shared with the public after the attack.”

Mrs. Clinton has “sort of” accepted responsibility (but never the blame) for her part in the totally lax security, which eventually cost four Americans their lives at the Libyan compound.  Obama shed a few faux tears, but he hasn’t been truthful at all as Congress tries to find out exactly what went wrong on that fateful September 11th.  (Does that date ring any bells??  Hello??)

If They Ask About Benghazi, Just Say “What Difference Does It Make?”

You can credit the “new media” and social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and blogs such as the Independent Sentinel for refusing to let Benghazi fade into history with no accurate and truthful investigative report.

Let’s hope there are others, just like the man now talking, who put their country and its Constitution ahead of partisan politics.  Just as Richard Nixon was found out, so should any other President – including the rock star currently calling the White House his home.