Obama Administration Lied About Dangerous Flights to Cuba


The TSA lied to the American people and to Congress about air marshals being allowed on commercial flights before the flights began last month. There has never been a security review of Cuba’s ten airports; terror nations and enemies of the US do fly to Cuba freely; and, incredibly, we do not have an air marshals agreement with Cuba.

The media is complicit. NBC barely wrote about it online, abc news posted an unattractive photo of Marco Rubio with a nondescript article, also online, and the rest are ignoring it. The people who comment on those articles are just as bad and use it as a platform to insult Rubio.

If a Republican did this, it would be a national story.

Senator Marco Rubio has sent out the alarm about the air marshals when it was discovered by Congress yesterday.

“What it means is that these are now flights that are vulnerable,” Rubio said. “There’s a reason why we have air marshals on flights, because of the experience of 9/11 … and you now have flights 90 miles from our shores that could theoretically be commandeered and you could have a repeat of that.”

The TSA Deputy Administrator Huban Gowadia told a House Committee that air marshals would only be on chartered flights between the U.S. and Cuba, because the Castro government hadn’t signed a deal to allow them on commercial flights..

This has already been going on for a month since the US began commercial flights with the island nation. Cuba is one of the largest sponsors of terrorism in the world.

Rubio said this “the latest example of an administration that is so intent on burnishing it’s legacy, on getting credit for this opening that they’re willing to throw everything else out the window.”

“You have this situation where theoretically some terrorists can travel from any country in the world into Cuba and then try to come into the United States, commander an aircraft and I don’t need to tell you what can happen next,” he added. “This is an incredibly dangerous situation.”

There is no indication that Cuba will or will not sign it.

Rep. John Katko questioned Huban Gowadia, deputy administrator at the TSA, who confirmed that Cuba hasn’t signed the agreement.

The TSA falsely stated last month that the marshals would be allowed on board “certain flights to and from Cuba.”

“You mislead the American public,” Katko said, “when you released your press release saying that it was going to be on select commercial flights,” Katko said. “And it did it at a time right before the flights were about to start, OK?”

“Basically what we have here is an outright lie,” Senator Rubio said.

“I think we need to unite across the aisle and basically say no matter how you feel about Cuba policy, we all agree that travel to Cuba should be safe, no less safe than travel to the Bahamas, no less safe than travel to the Dominican Republic, no less safe than travel to Mexico,” the senator fumed.

Rubio and Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) have introduced a bill to halt commercial U.S. flights to Cuba until a thorough security review is conducted at all of the island nation’s 10 airports. The House Homeland Security Committee passed its version of the bill this week.

Source: abc news