Obama Administration Violating U.S. Immigration Law


Obama wants the Hispanic vote and is taking steps to make sure he gets it by granting blanket amnesty. Everyone should be concerned about this complete rejection of our laws and our Constitution. Under the Constitution of the United States, the Executive Branch does not have the right to legislate. Obama is legislating through Executive Orders and agency regulations. Enacting the DREAM Act is one example of many.

It doesn’t seem to matter to the Obama administration if the Congress votes a law down. If it is a law he (Obama) wants, he does it anyway. Case in point, the DREAM Act. President Obama plans to use the DHS and DOJ to enforce the DREAM Act, which has been rejected by Congress.

“This is outright lawlessness on part of the administration. Whatever the politics of this, we do have a constitution and under it the legislator, the Congress, enacts the laws and the executive executes them, it doesn’t make them up,” Charles Krauthammer said on “Special Report.”

“The DREAM Act was rejected by Congress, it is now being enacted by the executive despite the expressed will of the Congress. That is lawless. It may not be an explicit executive order, it is an implicit one.”

Maybe President Obama is taking the whole Czar thing too seriously.

Janet Napolitano sent a letter to Senate Democrats stating that it would “enhance public safety” by focusing deportation efforts on those “who pose a threat.”

In other words, the DHS and DOJ plan to review every deportation case and consider 19 factors when using prosecutorial discretion, including whether they came over as a young child. Of course their families will have to stay as well. He is enacting the DREAM Act.

…Cecilia Munoz, White House director of intergovernmental affairs, wrote on the White House blog that the review would “clear out low-priority cases on a case-by-case basis and make more room to deport people who have been convicted of crimes or pose a security risk” — while ensuring the low-priority cases are kept “out of the deportation pipeline in the first place.”

Describing groups of people similar to those targeted in the DREAM Act, she said the low-priority list would include “individuals such as young people who were brought to this country as small children, and who know no other home,” as well as “individuals such as military veterans and the spouses of active-duty military personnel.” Read here: Blanket amnesty for votes.

Charles Krauthammer on Special Report