Obama & Al Jazeera Are on the Same Side in Our Class War – Makes Me All Warm & Fuzzy Inside



The Daily Kos, the alleged partial funders of the group, Anonymous, has invaded Wall Street with their minuscule numbers of strange people.  Anonymous has declared war on the 1%, and pretty much everyone else who doesn’t feel exactly as they do.

The Daily Kos ridiculed the Spanish police for dismantling  Anonymous in Spain, where the group had a similar protest to the one on Wall Street: They drew the connections to Al Jazeera in the following quote from their website. “Al Jazeera website, as a network, has tended to be sympathetic to Anonymous, in recognition of substantial Anon material support for uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, and the region.”  

Great, huh? From what I’m seeing so far, and I hope I’m wrong, we helped Egypt trade one thug, who liked us, for another thug, who doesn’t like us. We’re blooming geniuses.

Al Jazeera sounds like Democrats or Anonymous in the following class warfare video, no wonder Hillary Clinton said Al Jazeera represents “real news.” Truly, they sound a lot like Obama who appears to see his ideology flowering in a classless society.  Al Jeez are using the same 1% theme that is being used by Anonymous, Obama, the Global Revolutionists, Elizabeth Warren, et al.

The Global Revolution, now manifesting itself throughout the world, is a Marxist organization that calls for an end to the 1%.

The Anonymous group on Wall Street is calling for a third party, a National Socialist Party (interestingly, it’s the same name as Nationalsozialist, you know, it’s NAZI for short). I went to Wall Street to see what they are about and overheard various groups planning their arrests, so as to make the police look brutal. They don’t like the police either.

Al Jeez Propaganda Video with errors and omissions promoting a “little” income redistribution.

You only have to listen to 30 seconds of this to get the gist. It’s not enough that our media is like Pravda, we have to import propagandists from terrorist countries.

In actuality, 1% of the people hold 19% of the wealth, and pay 37% of the Federal taxes. People like to paint them as thieves, instead of achievers who also give back.

How much will be enough before they leave the rich alone? I can answer that. It will be enough when 100% of us are poor, because there is not enough money to make each of us rich. Many of us don’t deserve diddly squat, but that doesn’t matter to these ideologues.

Listen to the words of Elizabeth Warren, candidate for the Massachusetts Senate seat, who says, “I hear all this, you know, ‘Well, this is class warfare,’” she says of Democratic tax policy. “No. There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody.”

So, following this logic, if you’re in a diner, you should share all your food with everyone in the diner, and with the people who drove it to the diner, and with the cook who made it, and with the server who served it, and, and, and…

This does not represent the ideals the U.S. were founded upon. We are the last bastion of freedom and I hope we do not fritter it away. Click here for an interesting article on the subject of the 1%.


Income Category 2004 AGI Percent of all income Percent of income taxes paid

Top 1% Over $328K 19% 37%
Top 5% Over $137.5K 33% 57%
Top 10% Over $99.1K 44% 68%
Top 25% Over $60K 66% 85%
Top 50% Over $30.1K 87% 97%
Bottom 50% Under $30.1K 13% 3%

Source: IRS

*** Bottom 35% pay 0 federal income tax ***

It is important to note that the broad base of people who don’t pay is growing, thereby making them dependent on the government. We are in danger of having a Totalitarian government, a welfare state. Read here: The Foundry and here: the Tax Foundation and here: 47% pay no income tax?