Did President Obama Break The Law – The Death Of Osama


President Obama did the right thing. I do think that he was able to take this action because of the outstanding military, CIA, Navy Seals and President Bush. President Obama had courage to go against the forces in this country and abroad who would have us sit back and allow Osama to continue terrorizing not only us and our military but his own people and the people of other countries such as Pakistan. Pakistan should be thanking us, especially since we give them billions in aid and they have been harboring this monster.

It is interesting to note that the UN is going to investigate President Obama’s actions. That is the same UN both Obama and Holder asked to investigate our own state of Arizona (for passing a law that was less aggressive than Federal law).

If “liberals,” and I use that term in the most totalitarian meaning of the word, had their way they would probably like to bring Osama back from the dead because information that led to his “execution” was possibly obtained illegally. There are other burning questions such as, was he Mirandized?

Seriously, the debates about whether it was legal or not have begun. Why are we discussing this? We are at war and this man was a violent terrorist who has murdered countless people. Read here: legalities