Obama asks, What Would Karl Marx Have Done?


Photo of Karl Marx with the tag, ‘If Obama had an adopted son, he’d look like this.’

Whenever Barack Obama does anything, it looks a little like Karl Marx. Check out the ten points I’ve chosen for comparison and see what I mean.

1. Do you think Mr. Obama might have gotten his ideas on collectivism from Karl Marx?

What would Marx have said about Mr. Obama’s “You didn’t build that!” video?

2. Marx believed in redistribution and social justice. Everyone contributes so everyone must benefit equally, despite the fact that their contributions are unequal.

Listen to Mr. Obama on this audio as he explains that he believes in redistribution:

Then there is this famous clip:

Marx would likely have approved.

3. Centralization of communication, transportation, capital are all key to the Marxist philosophy. There are hints of this philosophy in Mr. Obama’s activities over the last four-and-a-half years.

Barack Obama is nationalizing many areas of our society from healthcare to energy to education to housing. Obamacare redistributes healthcare services; Common Core Assessments nationalize education; neighborhood mapping will lead to new zoning and a redistribution of assets; Mr. Obama’s green initiatives and regulations on fossil fuels grant government tremendous control over the energy sector; and the list goes on.

4. Karl Marx wanted a national bank to centralize credit in the hands of the State.

Mr. Obama wants a national bank to give out mortgage loans and rebuild infrastructure. He wants a National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank.

Listen to Connecticut Democrat Rosa de Lauro on this link as she describes what she’d like to see. The government could double down on bullying banks into giving bad loans should this dream come to pass.

Other indicators of Mr. Obama’s views on the matter of centralizing capital: Mr. Obama has centralized school loans and he has talked about taxing and seizing private retirement savings.

5. Marx was the ultimate globalist. Obama is as well. Mr. Obama wants treaties for guns, oceans, all natural resources, copyright laws and piracy, international courts, and so on. He even wants to make the US subject to the UN governance before waging war.

6. Marx was opposed to ownership of private property. While Mr. Obama is nowhere near Marx on this issue and has never said he was opposed to private ownership of property, he has seized land all across America and he has supported an abusive use of Eminent Domain.

7. Karl Marx didn’t believe in religion.

Mr. Obama’s actions make one wonder if he doesn’t view religion as subservient to government, though he himself is a Christian [a Christian who rarely goes to church].

When Mr. Obama was in Ireland he made it clear that he saw religious schools as divisive.

Barack Obama has made it clear through the healthcare law that he does not see religion as the top priority in deciding what conscience rights we have. The HHS mandate clearly dictates government first, before any God. The mandate would force religious schools, hospitals, and other organizations to close but since Mr. Obama sees religion as divisive, closing these facilities could be his goal.

8. Marx believed in a heavy progressive tax. We certainly have that and Mr. Obama wants to levy more taxes, particularly on the rich.

Marx was opposed to inheritance. Mr. Obama isn’t opposed to inheritance but he does want the government to get a significant piece of it. He has increased inheritance taxes, wants to increase the taxes more, and he has talked about taking over 401K’s after a person dies.

9. One of Marx’ tenets was the promotion of free education and combining education with industrial production. Common Core and the National Standardized tests would certainly do that. One of the masterminds behind Common Core, corporate titan, Bill Gates, is on the record as saying the Core will make children and teachers into ‘a large uniform base of customers’ and it will unleash ‘powerful market forces’.

Mr. Obama hasn’t centralized the means of production – yet – though the EPA, IRS, and other government agencies have intruded greatly on private enterprise. The thousands of regulations being inflicted on business is damaging the free market.

These are warning signs.

Maxine Waters alluded to what could happen to industry under this administration when she threatened to take over Big Oil:

10. The unending spending of money we don’t have could collapse our Capitalist system. The CBO said that Obamacare and other entitlements will eventually collapse our system because they are not sustainable.

The likely replacement would be Socialism.

Karl Marx came to the conclusion that the capitalist system could not simply be taken over. The state of the capitalists would have to be destroyed. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen to us.

I haven’t even begun to talk about privacy and the NSA snooping as a threat to our way of life but I think I know what Marx would have said.

Mr. Obama said he would fundamentally transform the country:

What did you think he meant?

Al Sharpton knew what he meant: