Obama Blasts House Republicans For His Violations Of Immigration Law


Barack Obama, who created the humanitarian crisis on the border, blamed House Republicans and the tea party for it in his presser today from the Rose Garden.

The children coming across the border are a distraction. He wants tens of millions of illegal families to win citizenship eventually to insure only Democrats win presidential elections in the foreseeable future.

He does not care if the invasion includes illegals who are gang members, probably terrorists, and many adult illegals.

Mr. Obama claimed that the system is broken though he continually violates our immigration law and at times rewrites it.

He said he would love bipartisan legislation but, let’s face it, it would have to be exactly what he wants and if it isn’t, he will still pull out his pen and phone.

Mr. Obama said that today he will begin to rewrite immigration law, not in those exact words. He will move resources from the Interior to the border. That means he will send lawyers and judges, not law enforcement.

He asked Eric Holder and Jeh Johnson to look at what else he can do. He wants the recommendations by the end of the summer and he “will do them.”

He went on to pretend he still would need a bill from Congress as if the law mattered to him. Praise goes to Rep. John Boehner for not caving on this issue.

He wants the best and brightest to come here from other countries, he wants illegal families who are here to stay together (we’re talking 30 million easily).They're heading here

Obama falsely claimed in his speech that children are often sent back when the fact is almost none show up for their hearings. They eventually become DREAMers.

Obama also blamed Republicans for making the law unclear when he has made it unclear by violating it.

The most political president in our history accused Republicans not only of obstructionism but of politicizing this issue.

The only solution, Obama said, is to pass a bill. He not only writes his own legislation, he orders Congress to write the legislation he wants while breaking current law.

This comes on the heels of a report by The Center for Immigration Studies that showed immigrants, not native-born, are the only ones who benefitted from any growth in jobs.

He closed by praising illegal immigrants who fought for our country.

Happy Fourth of July illegals. Native-born can go to Hell.