Obama Borrows From Charity to Cover Death Benefits of Fallen Soldiers!


Mr. Obama thinks you – the American people – are stupid. You are busy with your private lives, you hear soundbites, you like him, you believe him, and he is taking advantage of that and mistaking it for stupidity. He thinks you don’t know what he is doing to the country but the most recent poll proves he’s wrong.

Buried in an AP story about how disliked Republicans are were the latest poll numbers of Barack Obama. His job approval was at 37% with 53% disapproving.

The AP/GfK poll found that 62 percent of Americans blame Congressional Republicans for the shutdown. “About half said Obama or the Democrats in Congress bear much responsibility,” the AP release read. The Congress now has a 5% approval rating. I’d like to know who those 5% are.

Actually, the approval ratings should be reversed. the buck stops with Obama and he refuses to lead.

He closed off the WWII Memorial but allowed illegal aliens onto the mall to protest yesterday. Nancy Pelosi did her happy dance during the protest and tried to ward off criticism by saying she was happy the situation with the WWII Memorial was resolved.

That situation was NOT resolved. Only WWII vets are allowed into the Memorial – through the back – and they are not being allowed to see the Iwo Jima Memorial. No one else is allowed in. Illegals who are demanding rights they are not entitled to ARE allowed onto the Mall.

To cap it all off, 8 ridiculous Democratic lawmakers got themselves arrested so they could demand amnesty. The fools were unsurprisingly among the most far-left in Congress.

Hello? What’s wrong with this picture?

Mr. Obama recently said that he hopes the elderly and handicapped can get their checks. Good grief! He is going after them next.

Mr. Obama is threatening to close down the ocean to private fishermen if the shutdown continues. He closed an inn in the Blue Ridge Mountains though it was completely private and used no government resources but he allowed it to open today after some very bad press.

The list of absurd punishments being inflicted on the American people is endless but the next story is probably the worst.

Twenty-six service members who died overseas in service of their country could not be shipped home and their death benefits could not be paid because Mr. Obama, the man who spends money like it’s water and ignores the law when it suits him, said he didn’t have the money and it was illegal. (As an aside, did you know our military are still dying over there? Is it in the news as it was when Bush was president? It’s time for Chuck Hagel to go!)

Mr. Obama is the Commander-in-Chief, he violates the Constitution constantly, he ignores federal law (DOMA, Immigration, Marijuana, etc.) but he can’t find 600,000 or so to treat the families of our deceased service men and women with the respect they deserve. That’s sick!

Photo of four of the deceased military

Now he’s claiming that the Republicans are to blame! What else! In actuality, Republicans are the ones who passed a bill to make sure the entire military was appropriately funded and they were the ones who asked if there was anything left uncovered. They were told NO!


Today, Mr. Obama said the problem would be cleared up. That was followed by Fisher House announcing they would pay out death benefits to the families of the deceased and pay for the transport of their loved ones until the shutdown is over. Are you hearing this?

The government that spends wildly is going to let a charity that needs the money for wounded soldiers fork over the money?!? Anyone else having a problem with this?

I hope people remember this. What we are seeing is Mr. Obama using his ruthless tactics on the America people at large. They are getting a taste of what it is like to be on the receiving end of Mr. Obama’s wrath. Usually that is reserved for Republicans and Conservatives.

Remember this because eventually you too will be on the receiving end. That is how statism works.

This video gives a rundown of how this happened. It also gives a good idea of who is to blame.