Obama, Bringing Sharia to the Middle East & the U.S.


We went into the Libyan war knowing that Libya would likely choose Sharia law. Indeed, their leader, Jalil has always been outspoken about his support for Sharia. We spent over a billion dollars for the Libyan war despite this. We forgave all Libyan debts. We did this despite the fact that the Libyan rebels took Gaddafi’s 200 million dollar fortune, and they have oil wealth.

Libyans have lost thousands of weapons, allegedly to Al Qaeda. When they won, they thanked Allah alone for their success, not NATO or us.

Jalil, the new Libyan leader, stated that he is declaring Libya a “moderate” Sharia state. This moderate Sharia will allow men to engage in polygamy. That cannot be good for women’s rights.

Tunisia is moving towards Sharia as is Egypt. Yemen and Syria might fall to Islam as well. Is this what President Obama wants? Certainly, if I knew that the goal of each of these rebel groups was to bring in an Islamic government, then Obama knew.

Obama has hired Muslims in his government who believe in Sharia law. Obama’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Remember the Ground Zero Mosque that President Obama supported? The Imam for the Mosque is Walid Rauf. The Shoebat Foundation has uncovered an audio recording of one of Rauf’s speeches (in Arabic),  in which he claims that Chapter 6 of his recent book provided the basis for Obama’s entire historic Cairo speech. “The blueprint,” Rauf elaborated, “included everything from U.S. policy to Jewish and Christian relations with Muslims. This is an example of the impact of our work in a positive way to be used by the President.” If that’s true, it’s very concerning because Rauf, when speaking to an Arabic audience in Arabic, is sympathetic to terrorists.

In the following video, Rauf claims the U.S. is a Sharia compliant state. Is the U.S.A. a Sharia compliant state?

Did the U.S. Impose Shariah law in Libya?