Obama Calls Up National Guard to Put Up Tents in West Africa


ebola military
Getty photo of U.S. Air Force personnel erecting Ebola tents in Monrovia, without protective gear. Hopefully they don’t need it.

President Barack Obama on Thursday authorized the Pentagon to call up reserve and National Guard troops if they are needed to assist in the U.S. response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Obama signed an executive order to authorize the call up. It will allow more forces and for longer periods of time than currently authorized. He has already authorized 3900 of our military and some have already deployed.

They’re building contractors now and will supervise construction of Ebola treatment facilities, something usually done by private building contractors.

While we have illegal adults and children pouring across our porous borders, Obama feels the need to send our National Guard to West Africa.

If they come back infected – possibly in the hundreds or thousands – they can get that ‘wonderful’ care offered by VA Hospitals.

The Pentagon has suggested they will be quarantined in Africa before returning home.

The Liberians are  grateful though (not really):

Tolbert Nyenswah, the head of Liberia’s Ebola response, said the foreign support has been essential but way too tardy.

“Tell the international community that they have failed Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, and they are still failing,” Mr. Nyenswah said. “They knew our health system did not have the capacity.”

While this is going on, Mr. Obama is going to import Ebola here by expediting visas from people in the infected countries instead of limiting travel from those countries. It’s the same thing he does at the border. We are being invaded so he stops deportation and gives them endless incentives to stay here illegally.

As he calls up the military for West Africa, ISIS is closing in on Baghdad.

Then there are the thousands of anonymous people coming here illegally.

Check out the 4 Minutes of condensed audio covering the 6 day period – 10/11/14 thru 10/16/14 – comprised of incidents referring to “Family Units”, “Un-accompanied children”, juveniles, & females.

This audio summary doesn’t include the hundreds, if not thousands of Illegal Aliens, drug smugglers, terrorists and people with infectious diseases coming across the border just in the the Rio Grande Valley/ South Texas EACH DAY !

Audio via Secure Border Intel

Mr. Obama won’t put the National Guard on the border but he will send them to West Africa.