Obama Circumvents Congress to Invade the Privacy of America’s Children




Beginning with the collection of school records, the government is initiating their federalization of education. The government’s drive for federalization must be buoyed by the Department of Education’s phenomenal success at improving student performance. Detroit is a good example. Spending for Detroit schools is at an all-time high at over $11,000 per student from the federal government alone with 25% of their students graduating.

Congress is allowing the Obama administration and the private Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to run amok with privacy laws that affect children from preschool through college. Every significant bit of information regarding your school-age child is about to be shared with any and every government or private agency. The terms regarding the sharing of private information are extremely broad.

What the government is doing is illegal, but that won’t be a problem because the Obama administration is circumventing Congress through a hidden directive and a private foundation.

There is a hidden directive in the 2009 stimulus that requires states to develop an extensive database that tracks students from preschool through college. It was one of many mandates required before states could qualify for the stimulus money. The stimulus set aside $250 million startup money for the venture.

The motivation stems from a desire to see how well K-12 systems and colleges are doing, which will be something else the government will use to assert even more ineffective control over education.

It will be an enormous tax burden and a bureaucratic monster overseeing the lives of our families.

The government will collect information on health-care history, family income and family voting status. Since this is not allowed under the privacy laws, the Department of Education has determined that it can overcome the legal obstacles by simply bypassing Congress and essentially rewriting the federal privacy statute.

In April, the department proposed regulations to allow it to share student’s personal information with almost any government agency and/or private company if the disclosure supports an evaluation of an education program. The definition is so broad that health records could be sent to the CDC and the Department of Labor could end up with your son’s test scores. Read more: NY Post

This also allows the government access to a tremendous amount of information on the entire family. It is limited to states, but it does not address the government’s ultimate goal of having a Federal database.

Fast forward to Bill Gates who jumped in with a 2.9 million grant to set up a “National Database” since a Federal Database is illegal.

This database will even follow students into the workforce. Do we really want the government micromanaging every aspect of our our childrens’ academic lives? Aside from it being a massively expensive bureaucracy, it will be an intrusive one, leaving little in the way of privacy.

The Department of Education and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are providing grants to states who develop a  “high school research and reporting system that will allow participating high schools in all 50 states to better measure the academic success of their students after they graduate.” Also included would be more than 3200 colleges who participate in federal and other reporting about financial aid, which includes data on more than 90% of the college students in the country.

The Gates Foundation expects states to track students up and down the pipeline to determine how they fare in college.

This information would go to a National Clearinghouse. Read here: Student Clearinghouse

How well do you think the government and the private National Clearinghouse will take care of the private information?