Obama-Clinton Foreign Policy of Death Squads, Caliphates, Cooperation with Terrorists

Erik Prince
Erik Prince

The Obama-Clinton foreign policy: the battle of Mosul is a political battle; we are fighting alongside Iranian death squads that once killed our soldiers and whose allies are firing on our ships in Yemen; and we are giving Turkey an opportunity to re-establish the Ottoman Empire. This is according to Erik Prince who was interviewed by Breitbart Daily News.

Erik Prince, the Founder of Blackwater and a retired Navy SEAL, described the politicization of the attack on Mosul. It is being moved now for the elections but they clearly cannot capture Mosul. It’s like fighting in Stalingrad and no plan for the refugees or for what to do afterwards.

Right now, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the Shia units – death squads like Hezbollah – fighting in Mosul, are hoping to kill the civilians as well as ISIS. So you either side with Shia death squads or ISIS. At the same time, these are the forces who killed thousands of our soldiers in Iraq and who could turn at any time.

At Yemen, we have Iranians shooting at US ships off the coast – all this simultaneously.

Then there is Turkey, hoping to reclaim the old Ottoman Empire and it’s possible.


Going geopolitical, there is the Treaty of Lausanne from the mid-1920s, that proclaims if any of the boundaries change, then automatically all the areas that encompasses Northern Iraq, Kurdistan – including Mosul, become part of Turkey again. Erdogan is now showing maps with all that area as part of Turkey.

We are talking about Turkey taking over parts of Northern Syria, Bulgaria, parts of Greece, destroying the Kurds – our only reliable allies in the region, Prince said. This is what the Obama-Clinton policy has done.

Turkey is pushing for more of a role and Erdogan has cut a deal with Putin. It won’t be good for the Kurds and he will take their oil.

The Kurds are the only ones who have been protecting the Christians during the pogrom.

Turkey wants a Caliphate and they will engage in genocide. They have done it before and are trying to destroy the Kurds now.

This is what the next president will inherit.