Obama Complains to Iranians and Ayatollahs About Israelis In His Happy Nowruz Message



Every year, Barack Obama videotapes a Happy Nowruz message to Iran but this year is special because he is about to produce a very bad nuclear deal with them. Most of the details of the deal will be kept secret because he operates like a tinpot dictator. Michelle Obama held a Happy Nowruz party at the White House to pander and Barack Obama complained to Iran about Americans and Israelis who don’t want his diplomatic deal to happen.

Obama is not pandering, he’s clearly insulting his fellow Americans and deliberately putting Israel in a weakened state by letting Iran know he’s not there for them. In fact, this week, he told Netanyahu he is currently reassessing his Middle East policy.

In his Happy Nowruz video address to the Iranian people and the Ayatollahs, Barack Obama complained about “people in both our countries and beyond” who oppose a diplomatic resolution.

It’s not enough for him to go on apology tours throughout the world, he also feels the need to insult Israel and Americans who disagree with him as he addresses the Iranians and the Ayatollahs.

People aren’t against a diplomatic resolution, we’re against this resolution.


This is so perverse and crazy, it should leave us all speechless.


Remember this?

Remember when the normal Iranians were protesting in the streets of Iran and Barack Obama would not come to their aid or say a word in their defense when they were brutally suppressed.

Now he is supporting the terrorists in Iran. What does that say about him?