Obama Condemns Brutal Slaughter of James Foley Just Before Teeing Off



President Obama (pictured above) came to the podium for a press conference yesterday to address the horrific murder of photojournalist James Foley. Obama was tieless and casual, sending a message that he was taking these few minutes out from his vacation. Meanwhile, the UK’s David Cameron returned from vacation after only one day because the executioner is apparently British.

Mr. Obama sounded angrier than usual over the death of James Foley, but it was meaningless.

He did not come up with a strategy and did not announce any significant repercussions for the atrocity committed against James Foley.

This crime was an act of war and he should have said so. ISIS was letting us know that they will attack us.

Mr. Obama consistently leads from behind or fails to lead at all. He thinks by not raising the level of response, it will have a positive effect but ISIS views it as weakness.

Mr. Obama went to the golf course immediately after the speech, sending the message that the whole affair was no more important than one speech to be given without a tie. ISIS was listening.

This photo was taken immediately after the speech.

after speech

And as this photo was taken…

right after speech

James Foley’s tragic parents and one of their sons were giving a press conference…

Tragic parents

This is what ISIS did to this 40-year old American who faced a horrifying death with courage…


Later in the day, Obama’s administration revealed the fact that the U.S attempted to rescue Foley, Sotloff and another journalist earlier this year but failed. We missed them by days.

Whoever gave us the intel as to the  location of the men is probably dead or on the run as we speak. One has to wonder if it puts the other hostages in danger.

The leak might have been for political purposes.

What difference…at this point…does it make?

When’s tee time?