Obama Warning That Obamacare Must Be Upheld – Bet A Justice Called The President




How much do you want to bet that Sotomayor or Kagan called Obama and told him how the Obamcare vote was going?

President Obama’s speech today was fantastical as he spoke from the Rose Garden. He said that Obamacare will be upheld because to do otherwise would be an “unprecedented, extraordinary step” of judicial activism. All of a sudden he cares about judicial activism even though he appointed Justices Kagan and Stotomayor to do just that.

Of course that is an absurd statement since the Supreme Court would be doing its job, not legislating from the bench. Legislating from the bench would be the Supreme Court going through the Obamacare bill and deciding what to keep and what to throw out.

Obama said,  “Ultimately, I am confident the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.”

Strong majority? Hardly. The majority of the American people did not want Obamacare according to the polls. It only passed Congress because of corrupt deals and accounting tricks.

The bill was never sent back to the Senate because it would not have passed. An inferior bill was sent to the President so it wouldn’t have to go back to the Senate. The bill included corrupt deals like the Cornhusker Kickback and the Louisiana Purchase. There was the Stupak abortion lie.

There were lies about deficit reduction and lowered health premiums of up to 3000%. Remember this speech?

Obama’s speech hinted at future criticism of SCOTUS by calling them an unelected group of people. Aren’t his czars unelected?

Obama wound up his speech by saying that the costs of overturning this bill (which he is rushing through) would be prohibitive. He talked about pre-existing conditions as if Obamacare was the only bill that could handle it.

“So there’s not only an economic element and a legal element, but a human element to this,” Obama said. “Hopefully, that’s not forgotten in this political debate.”

Perhaps he should have thought about the human element when he was pushing the unwanted bill through by making false promises and promulgating corrupt deals – favoring some states over others. This speech was intended to set us up for the bill possibly being overturned.

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