WSJ: Gates Warning About Defense Cuts


The danger that President Obama and his team are putting us in will not be readily apparent. It will take time for the cuts to defense and for his appeasement policy to reek damage. The catastrophic consequences will either hit while he is in his second term or when a new President is elected during this next cycle. If it’s a new President, s/he will be the one who looks incompetent. Obama has given us the Arab Spring which includes Al Qaeda and its offshoot, The Muslim Brotherhood, taking over Middle Eastern countries. Al Qaeda has taken over the resistance in Yemen and the country is about to fall. The only party ready to lead in Egypt is The Muslim Brotherhood. Now, in timely fashion, Obama wants to CUT DEFENSE AGAIN.

The Stimulus included nothing for Defense. Obama has decreased our nuclear weapons. Defense has been cut. Now, President Obama intends to cut defense by $13 billion over last year while we are involved in three wars. Meanwhile, entitlement spending has doubled under Obama.

The WSJ, following a series of speeches by outgoing Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, warned against cuts to weapons programs and troop levels because it will makes us appear very vulnerable to our enemies. The WSJ reports that, “In historical terms, the U.S. spends relatively little on defense today, even after the post-9/11 buildup. This year’s $530 billion budget accounts for 3.5% of GDP, 4.5% when the costs of the Afghan and Iraq wars are included. The U.S. spent, on average, 7.5% of GDP on defense throughout the Cold War, and 6.2% at the height of the Reagan buildup in 1986.”

The WSJ reports: Mr. Gates deserves credit for fighting off the worst White House instincts, but his biggest defeat was not getting a share of the stimulus. Instead he has cut or killed some $350 billion worth of weapon programs. He told his four service chiefs last August to find $100 billion in savings. The White House pocketed that and asked for another $78 billion. Last year, Mr. Gates said that the Pentagon needs 2%-3% real budget growth merely to sustain what it’s doing now, but it could make do with 1%. The White House gave him 0%.

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