Obama Derides the GOP, But Has Words of Encouragement for Iran



Barack Obama made sure to mock his real enemies at the nuclear summit – the GOP. He compared the GOP to the hardliners in Iran, the ones who promote terrorism around the globe.

President Obama is once again likening Republicans to Iranian “hardliners,” both of whom, he noted, oppose the Iran deal his administration helped broker.

“Frankly, within Iran I suspect there are different views in the same way there are hard liners in the United States,” Obama said in a closing press conference at the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, D.C. “Even after we certified the deal is working, even after our intelligence team, our Israeli intelligence team say this is a game changer, [some Republicans] still opposed to the deal on principle.”

“There are hard liners in Iran who don’t want to see Iran open itself up to the broader world community,” Obama continued. “And are doing things to undermine the deal. So those who see it more broadly, we want to make sure that over time, they’re in a position to realize those benefits.”

Obama did concede that even as”Iran so far has followed letter of the agreement” it is not following the “spirit” of the deal.

If Iran is still trying to destroy the US and allies, why are we encouraging business in the country, in effect helping to fund their terrorism? Our own State Department says they are the largest state sponsors of terrorism in the world. Obama ‘hopes’ the Iranians measure up but shows no such support for the GOP.