Obama Dividing Us Along Racial Lines Again In A Not-So-Subtle Way


In a blatant attempt to buy the Latino vote and portray the Republicans as anti-Hispanic, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz picked a lifelong radical Latino politician to Chair the 2012 Democrat Party nominating convention. I don’t know much about Mr. Villaraigosa except that he is a radical guy.

I remember him declaring the front part of an LA park as a “First Amendment Zone” so the OWS could hang out indefinitely and reek havoc unabated.

The thing that was lost in his declaration was that the whole country is a First Amendment Zone. In fairness, he did eventually evict them.

He frequently calls for “investments” (euphemism for taxes and spending) even though Cali is broke and living off federal loans and accounting tricks.

He left his wife for a pretty girlfriend and is being lauded for it across many media outlets.

Human Events sees Villaraigosa as a bit sketchy –

…Democratic Party Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has nominated Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to Chair the 2012 Democrat Party nominating convention where Barack Hussein Obama is expected to be nominated for a second term.

Radical Chicano activist, labor agitator, lifetime politician, tax raising, gun grabbing, sleazy Antonio Villaraigosa.  The perfect Obama Democrat and the perfect contradiction to the traditional values that Americans of Hispanic descent hold dear.

An L.A. native, Tony Villar (as he was known in high school) spent his college years at the University of California Los Angeles  as a leader in M.E.Ch.A.,(Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlan) a radical organization dedicated to reclaiming from the United States lands Mexico lost in the War of 1848.

The “Movement” is anti-American and anti-white.  M.E.Ch.A. demonstrations feature signs saying “Europeans Go Home!” and “I didn’t cross the Border, the Border crossed me”.  The “Movement” demands an open border with Mexico and amnesty for illegal immigrant…Read here: Human Events

Obama dividing us along color lines –