President Obama’s Binder-Free Interview Process


Obama doesn’t need binders because he and Joe have a much better way of selecting their future female employees as you can see from the photo that the Sentinel was able to take of them during their interview process.

Lining women up on a runway is a far better way to choose a female hire as opposed to putting their resumes in binders. That binder thing is degrading. As one site said, it’s like having sister-wives (that is such a normal observation from the left).

Women should not send in resumes that will be put into binders. Why don’t they just stick a name label on your forehead and put you in a file cabinet? A runway is the best approach in my estimation.

Seriously, how in the world was Mitt Romney supposed to collect resumes?

In the following video, President Obama engages in a classic case of transference. He blames Governor Romney for the very things he does. Obama is the one who passed a massive healthcare plan before we knew what was in it but you wouldn’t know it from this video.

At the end of this inane speech, he brings up the binders.

Obama’s campaign is truly inane. Could we please talk about the issues, please?