Obama ‘Doesn’t Want a Lot of Dead Terrorists’ as Massacre Looms- Updates As Hell Unfolds


Updates at the end. ISIS now has control of Kobane. They are slaughtering Kurdish fighters.

ISIS has surrounded Kobane (Ain al-Arab) on four sides and they hold parts of the city as Kurds continue to desperately fight in the streets, going from house to house. Massacre awaits the people there and it is something Mr. Obama could have stopped while ISIS was out in the open. He chose to do nothing except launch minuscule bombing raids nearby.

Pamela Geller posted a poignant story of an incident at Kobane about a 19-year old Kurdish woman fighter Ceylan Ozalp (pictured below), who, when she was surrounded by ISIS fighters near the city, saved her last bullet for herself. She said goodbye over the radio before she shot herself.


She was interviewed by the BBC last month, and said: “We’re not scared of anything…We’ll fight to the last. We’d rather blow ourselves up than be captured by IS (ISIS).”

We all know what would have happened to her if ISIS captured her.

The Kurds will be tortured and slaughtered and the caliphate will sit on the edge of the Turkish border.

Turkey is doing nothing – like the U.S. They are sitting on the border, watching the slaughter.


Kobane is an important Kurdish city. Mr. Obama is letting ISIS have the city.That is a fact.

He could have bombed them when they were out in the open but he chose to let them have Kobane. He doesn’t care a twit about Kurds. He doesn’t care if the Kurds are erased from the face of the earth, something we have the power to stop. He supports the Muslim Brotherhood who he has repeatedly propped up as a power in the Middle East.

Obama made a serious effort to not help the Kurds. He will support Turkey because he wants his Muslim Brotherhood in charge, not ISIS.

Sen. McCain called it unethical on America’s Newsroom a couple days ago. He warned of an impending massacre.

Mr. Obama has not declared war on ISIS. Obama’s declared a PR blitz before the election with mini-bombing raids. We conducted about 200 bombing raids since this began, blowing up pickup trucks and empty buildings. During Kosovo, we began with 200 bombing raids in a day. This is not a serious campaign.

Obama is allowing a massacre to unfold.

Rear Admiral John Kirby is “watching” the situation. We keep WATCHING!

Kirby referred to some bombing raids they made around Kobane. They were a pitiful joke. The pilots flying these planes must be appalled. One pilot said last month that they had to fly over a massacre without acting on their way to a mini-bombing raid.

Watch this shocking truth:



ISIS roaming the streets of Kobane

Update: 10/08/14: After two days of our insignificant bombing raids, the U.S. couldn’t even remove the al Qaeda flags from the tops of buildings according to the Daily Mail. ISIS militants are seen roaming the streets, some are on the outskirts as pictured above. The picture according to Daily Mail was taken with an extreme telephoto lens through a haze.

Socres of Kurdish fighters have been captured or killed. The ones who survived are the unlucky ones.

The U.N. is calling for ISIS to be stopped because the region cannot sustain ISIS seizing this territory right on the Turkish border. Their special envoy said they will now massacre and rape the innocents.

Our inaction and delayed actions – few that we took – are amoral. We could have stopped this. We are a party to the massacre of these people. We have turned a deaf ear. We’ve turned away from evil and by doing so, we cooperated with evil.

On September 28th, the Kurds begged the U.N. and the United States to not send food or aid – “send us weapons.” They begged us. We have the weapons. We could have sent them.

All the Kurds had were a few AK-47’s and some rockets. ISIS are heavily armed.

John Kerry is “extremely concerned” and he should be. Hopefully he will lose sleep. He and his buddies in the administration refused to arm the Kurds.

We need an infantry and it can’t be an untrained army filled with terrorists. Obama said it would take a year to train them. Obviously, we don’t have a year.

Obama, while intent on getting a bad deal with Iran, is anxious to get rid of Assad no matter what the cost. The cost is ISIS takes power.

Where are our soldiers? They’re in Liberia being exposed to Ebola while they supervise buildings going up.

NATO’s second largest army – Turkey – is sitting on the border doing nothing as Kobane is taken over. There has been a lot of criticism of Turkey for not getting involved but would you if your ally was Obama? Erdogan claimed he was willing to do more but he would only do so if there was a broader military commitment by Turkey’s allies to create a no-fly-zone in northern Syria, a move the Obama refused to back. They want a buffer zone and they want a commitment to end the Assad regime.

The other problem is they have been aligned with the PKK which Turkey views as a terrorist organization aligned with Assad.

There were at least 12,000 people stranded in Kobane. Pray most or all escaped.

Kobane is a very important Kurdish town in Syria. (Obama is busy fundraising for his party, the party that helped lead us to this world disaster).

Insignificant bombing raids by the U.S. via Daily Mail: