Obama DREAMers Now Up to 1.76 Million & Climbing


A pro-amnesty group, the Migration Policy Institute, issued a report that has the number of DREAM Act beneficiaries reaching as much as 1.76 million, more than double the 800,000 estimate made by the Obama administration.

Does this surprise anyone? It’s 1.76 million and climbing, not 800,000 as the administration promised, just like there are only 12 million illegals here.

Obama is a liar. Look at how he won elective office. He obtained the state senate seat by eliminating the competition and getting his competition’s petitions thrown out. For the US Senate, his opponent’s divorce records were mysteriously unsealed. He doesn’t run against people when given the chance, he runs over them. Why people think he is a nice guy is beyond me. He is ruthless.

The Obama DREAM mandate gives a two-year reprieve from deportation to youth who were taken here as children through no fault of their own. Unfortunately, the government is not verifying any information they are given by the DREAMers and any illegal within the age range can get through at this point. Click here for information

Don’t worry about the lack of government oversight, terrorists only come in from time-to-time as Janet Napolitano recently said.

Speaking Tuesday at a panel at the Carnegie Institution for Science, Doris Meissner, Director of the institute’s U.S. Immigration Policy Program, said as many as 1.76 million people could be eligible, based on new guidance the Homeland Security Department released Friday…

I’m sure the government just made a little mistake in their outrageously inaccurate estimate. [Irony here]

There will be enough illegals receiving the two-year amnesty to more than negate the job increases since many are in school or on welfare.

The unemployment is at 8.3%, the underemployed, part-time and unemployed is 15% with a much higher figure for minorities. Then there are the 195,000 small business owners who have disappeared from the rolls, negating the job increases of 163,000. Even more shocking, 23 million Americans have disappeared from the work force with many ending up on Social Security Disability, a program that has recently loosened up its eligibility requirements.

Do you feel like you’re being lied to? YOU ARE! We are all supposed to think this is a great idea or we’re racists or terrorists.

Don’t be surprised if they vote. Illegals vote here in NY because the supervision is loosey-goosey with many ACORNers minding the polls. No photo ID’s here.

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