Obama “Flag Desecration” Giftware Now Available Online



The Obama-Biden campaign has sold out of the U.S. flag desecration memorabilia and giftware. But don’t worry! We now have new offerings for those special interest groups not represented until now.

The new flags pictured above come in all shapes, colors (that’s not meant to be racist), and sizes.

If you have any suggestions for a new way to offend people, please tweet me @yourfeudalLordObama.

If I like your idea, you could be eligible for dinner with me at my favorite fast food restaurant and we’ll fly you in for the burger and fries for FREE!

So get your thinking caps on. I’m saving a seat just for you.

Barack Hussein Obama

[I might be kidding about this but the Obama flag being sold until yesterday was no joke. Check it out below.]

The real desecrated Obama flag