Obama Flip Flops on Defining Romney


Obama can’t make up his mind what pejoratives to use against Romney so he’s trying out a few to distract us from Romney’s non-existent war on women since that backfired. Now he’s gone from calling him someone with no principles to rigid principles. Obama leaves me quite confused.

The HIll reports that Obama is no longer calling Romney a flip-flopper with no moral core because it’s inconvenient. He is now calling him a hardcore Conservative. I’ll tell ya, my head is spinning. I can’t keep up with Obama and what he will say from day-to-day.

Remember when moral core included telling the truth and meaning what you say?

The HIll:…“The most important thing is to define Mitt Romney early before he has a chance to define himself,” said Steve Elmendorf, a Washington lobbyist who served as deputy campaign manager during the John Kerry presidential campaign. “The goal is to make him unacceptable to independent voters.

“It’s a time-honored tactic,” Elmendorf added. “You do it when he’s less prepared, tired and cranky and trying to map out the general election.”

Chris Lehane, a Democratic consultant who served as an aide to several Democrats in their presidential bids, added that the Obama campaign is putting Romney in a corner by painting a caricature of a conservative who holds vastly different views on the economy.

“It puts him in a handcuffs position where you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t,” Lehane said.

“This is going to be a race for definition,” Lehane explained. “Whoever wins the early part of the race will be in a better position in the fall.”

Team Obama appears to be seizing the moment. Read more