Obama Frees Taliban But Forgets Imprisoned US Soldier


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Photo of the Taliban Pinky Swear

Barack Obama recently raised the ire of Hamid Karzai when he pleaded with the Taliban to meet and negotiate a peace in Afghanistan. Karzai will not engage the terrorists but Obama plans to proceed with his plan. The phony peace that will ensue is worth any price to him.

In order to secure talks with the Taliban, Obama will quietly release five Taliban thugs from GITMO without securing the release of the US soldier held since 2009. The Taliban terrorists offered to exchange the captured US soldier, Bowe Bergdahl, for the five Taliban terrorists but Obama appeared to have not accepted their offer. ‘

What difference at this point does it make’ to him?

Obama did make the Taliban promise not to engage in violence.

They’re the ‘good’ Taliban.

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