Obama Gets Nasty Over His Refugees, Ridicules GOP to Foreigners



The President doesn’t care about Americans, he cares about politics and ideology. Ironic for a man who ran as an outsider. He ridiculed the GOP today before an audience full of foreigners. He also told us who we are again.

Barack Obama, fighting back hard after his horrendous speech which received harsh criticism two days ago, is now saying that the GOP are afraid of “widows and orphans”, but he’s lying. Besides, two of the terrorists so far have been women.

Isn’t it demeaning to women to say they’re not capable of being terrorists?

He also went into a rant about people preferring Christians to Muslims. The fact is we have taken in 97% Muslims – he’s an illusionist.

He made the following nasty speech to foreigners in the Philippines. He should save his fire for ISIS or Iran but it is the GOP and Americans this Marxist hates.


The mastermind of the Paris attacks was a “refugee” who had no problem traveling back-and-forth from Syria to France.

Jim Kallstron, former FBI Assistant Director, said there are no records to check in Syria and we mustn’t take in these refugees in the way we are taking them in.

Police in Turkey just stopped 8 suspected of being ISIS terrorists who were heading for Germany disguised as refugees.

You will be happy to know that the administration oversees a “robust” background check for terrorists buying guns (sarcasm). Amazingly, over 2,000 people on the terrorist watch list have been allowed to legally buy guns.

The databases are the problem. One problem is the wrong people end up on the lists so the ACLU jumps in, but people are not on it who should be. Why isn’t the administration working on the terror watch list instead of trying to take guns from innocent gun owners?