Obama Gives Amnesty to Criminal Illegals and Illegals Under 30


open borders

Obama is basically giving amnesty to illegal immigrants who have committed petty crimes and less than three misdemeanors.

We also no longer deport illegals under 30. They could have come here last week, which exceeds Obama’s promise to only give amnesty to children brought here at a young age and who meet certain criteria.

Millions of unauthorized illegals have been given permanent status. They are Obama’s new Democratic voters.

The federal government is breaking the law by refusing to deport illegal aliens who have not committed crimes and now they have taken it one step further to include those who commit misdemeanors. We know that felonies are often plea-bargained down to misdemeanors and by not deporting “petty” criminals, we are likely including felons.

ICE will continue to pick up felons for deportation.

Meanwhile, the open borders crowd, including the ACLU, are demanding the passage of a California “Trust Act” to protect illegal immigrants who largely [emphasis on the word “largely”] abide by the law, which Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed. He said he would support a bill if it ensures immigrants with “troubling criminal records” are kept in custody which this bill did not.

The fact that a bill without those protections would get as far as the Governor’s desk in California is a bad sign.

California has about 25% of the illegals while Texas has about 16% according to the Pew Hispanic Center.

It is uncertain how many illegals are in gangs in this country, but letting petty criminals, who can easily accelerate into more serious crimes, remain in the states is asking for more gang members.

Youthful illegals in California are now getting driver’s licenses and they can probably use them to vote.

People who are illegal will be, for the most part, added to the democratic voter rolls. If they were Republicans, I’m sure we’d see the amnesty disappear.

Fifty-seven percent of our immigrants are on food stamps. We are still advertising our food stamps in Mexico, inviting them to come to America and collect. Petty criminals tend to take advantage of entitlement programs.

We are not attracting the kinds of people we need to improve our society.

The message from the Obama administration is that you can flout the law in the United States as long as it is in line with his open border policy. Petty criminals now have the welcome mat thrown out for them.

Obama continues to rule by Fiat.