Obama Gives Another Hateful, Divisive Speech


The greatest irony of this administration is that Mr. Obama first ran on the idea that he was the non-politician who was not an insider. He would change Washington, he promised.

He has turned out to be the most political president in our history. He has politicized every department in government and every action taken by Congress and the administration. He has even politicized and taken control of the media.

Mr. Obama controls every news cycle just like any Dear Leader would. Friday was no different.

Obama flag

He began his speech Friday by going back to his favorite anti-Bush slogan – “We tortured some folks.” It’s popular with his far-left base. He’s of course talking about the waterboarding of three disgusting terrorists who gave up information as a result of that waterboarding which possibly prevented future attacks, though there is no sure way to know if that’s the case.

Speaking for the nation and deciding what our morals should be, he said this: “We crossed a line and that needs to be understood and accepted. We have to as a country take responsibility for that.”

He believes that any self-defense or any aggressive efforts on behalf of freedom are evil.

I don’t agree. Speak for yourself Obama.

With his usual forked tongue, he said that he condemned Hamas for their recent assault and told them to return the kidnapped Israeli soldier.  He stated the obvious, “I think it’s going to be very hard to put a cease-fire back together again.”

He said the Israelis are entirely right but they have to find ways to do so with fewer civilian casualties.

Mr. Obama has absolutely no idea of what it means to go to war.

He also expressed confidence in CIA Director John Brennan, a notorious and experienced liar, who said he didn’t spy on the senate, but in actuality did spy on the senate, and then apologized for spying on the senate.

Mr. Obama heaped praise on  Secretary of State John Kerry.

“It’s hard to reconcile Israel’s need to defend itself with our concern for civilians in Gaza,” he said. The fact that Hamas is a terrorist organization that we should not be engaged with has escaped their notice.

Obama bragged about the 200,000 jobs increase though it’s unlikely these numbers will hold a week from now. They never do. The economy has not recovered. There is no recovery. He’s pouring imaginary money into the stock market each month to keep his corporate friends happy but the middle class is dying.

He railed against Republicans because they didm’t do exactly what he wants them to do on his bizarre ambassadorial appointments and his demands for a border bill that will make life good for invaders on our southern border. He is still pretending it’s about children when only one out of 25 are illegal immigrant children and of that number, an untold number are gang members.

Mr. Obama announced that he won’t compromise as usual .“House Republicans as we speak are trying to pass the most extreme and unworkable versions of a bill that they know is going nowhere,” Obama said.

Mr. Obama has successfully divided us and he won’t stop demonizing the opposition party because he has nothing but contempt for anyone who disagrees with him. He acts like a typical communist dictator. He just hasn’t engaged in physical violence yet though he came close when he sent armed bureaucrats from the Bureau of Land Management to threaten Clive Bundy on his Nevada ranch because Bundy didn’t pay his grazing fees.

Obama’s buddies in the deadstream media managed to make Bundy into a racist because he made foolish remarks, but that’s what we’ve come to expect from the Great Divider.

This weekend, Obama plans to celebrate like the King he is. His birthday party/fundraiser is on the 4th. The RNC is sending him a birthday present – the Constitution.

The RNC said this:

Unfortunately, President Obama has done irreversible damage to America. He has undermined our standing in the world, shaped our nation to be dependent on government handouts and created a nanny state where centralized power dictates our lives.

Monday is President Obama’s birthday. And we are going to send him the reminder he needs.

We will NOT stand for Obama’s constitutional overreach.

It’s hard to imagine Mr. Obama having any goodwill left with Republicans.

Two days ago, Mr. Obama gave yet another scornful, cynical speech in which he said Republicans need to stop the hate.

“We could do so much more if Congress would just come on and help out a little bit,” Obama said. “Stop being mad all the time. Stop just hating all the time. Let’s get some work done together”, he said.

The man is despicable. He won’t negotiate, he is the hater, he is the divider. He is using the lawsuit to his advantage and hopes that Republicans will try to impeach him. If anyone deserves to be impeached, it’s him, but without 67 votes in the senate, there is no point. It will only hurt Republicans.

It almost doesn’t matter, he is filling up the country with people who want and expect to be taken care of, he’s taken many of our freedoms away, he controls most of the essential services, and he has two more years to install his brand of communism.

How are the American people reacting? With apathy! We are so over unless people wake up…and soon.

Make no mistake, Obama has done irreparable and irreversible harm to the Republic.