Obama Gives Doomsday Speeches in Preparation for His Massive Redistribution Summit


Barack Obama is planning an appearance on a reality show, ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’, during his 11-day Alaska propaganda tour in the lead-up to the redistribution climate summit in Paris this December, seemingly oblivious to the real world around him.

The greatest national security threat is climate change according to Barack Obama even though the world hasn’t warmed in 18 years.

ISIS is now a country and Russia is, frighteningly, expanding into the Baltic. Putin is moving into the Arctic where 40% of the earth’s oil is located. He has established military bases in the Arctic and is placing flags and other facilities throughout the region.

There is a new trade route opening in the Arctic and Putin plans to control it. At the same time, Obama is pulling 3,000 soldiers out of Alaska.

Maybe Putin will want Sitka back. He cans say he has Russian people living there. Obama would let them have it.

Ironically, Obama called for an ice breaker fleet for the Alaskans but hasn’t set aside enough funds for it. Why do we need ice breakers? Everything is melting?

The ice breakers are important. Russia has forty and is building eleven more. We have two ice breakers.

According to the New York Times, Obama said Tuesday in a speech in Alaska, “I have come here today, as the leader of the world’s largest economy and its second-largest emitter, to say that the United States recognizes our role in creating the problem, and we embrace our responsibility to help solve it.”

Leftists like the ones at Vox say conservatives will hate that line because they’re all nativists.

They are right about one thing, conservatives won’t like it, but not because they’re nativists.  It’s obvious from this comment that Barack Obama is planning to massively redistribute our wealth and resources at the upcoming summit in Paris, after he apologizes for our alleged abuse of nature and developing countries.

Obama’s climate change agenda is about centralizing all control in the federal government.


In another typical and hysterical speech, Obama talked about countries that are allegedly ‘submerged’ because of climate change.

Submerged countries? Venice? The Netherlands perhaps?

The leftists are out claiming London, the U.S. East Coast, Greenland, Bangladesh are going to be submerged by 2100. The Miami New Times reports that a Dutch sea level expert, Henk Ovink, is calling Miami, Florida “the new Atlantis” because “Miami will no longer be a land city, but a city in the sea.”

These so-called experts can’t even predict a hurricane three days out, yet they are going to tell us what will happen in 85 years?

Barack Obama blames everything on climate change, even the massive influx of refugees that are a direct result of his foreign policy, especially thanks to his destruction of Libya which he pursued without Congress and under the leadership of Hillary Clinton.

“Climate change is no longer some far-off problem,” Obama said.” It is happening here. It is happening now. Climate change is already disrupting our agriculture and ecosystems, our water and food supplies, our energy, our infrastructure, human health, human safety–now. Today.”

“If we were to abandon our course of action, if we stop trying to build a clean-energy economy and reduce carbon pollution, if we do nothing to keep the glaciers from melting faster, and oceans from rising faster, and forests from burning faster, and storms from growing stronger, we will condemn our children to a planet beyond their capacity to repair,” he said.

He blames the Alaska wildfires on climate change, but expert Jim Beers has other explanations.

The fires in Alaska and the western United States are entirely due to fire fuel accumulation on government land and landscapes inhospitable to access, fuel management or firefighting:

Lands where timber management no longer exists; lands where timber companies and sawmills are extinct; lands where “endangered species” demands make water while people can’t fight fires that are destroying private property; lands where grazing is being eliminated; lands where roads are bulldozed closed; lands where firewood collection is restricted; lands where hunting is disappearing thanks to government wolves and grizzly bears; lands where camping and hiking are less available and more dangerous thanks to government predators; lands that no longer generate revenue for federal owners.

Local revenue, businesses, states, and the local families and communities are increasingly isolate in penury.

In short, whining about wildfires and how to pay for them by blaming climate or funding restrictions in a nation OVER $18 TRILLION IN DEBT while destroying the sustainable management of RENEWABLE NATURAL RESOURCES on government land for REVENUE and human benefit is akin to claiming Jewish property in Nazi Germany based on the fact that they “abandoned” it!

Whatever the truth, one thing is certain, Barack Obama is greatly exaggerating and his bizarre claims are intended to push a Socialist agenda.


  1. The best thing a conservative president could do for this nation if elected, is to make sure an investigation is opened on O and have him put behind bars. I think he would actually feel more welcomed there, really.

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