Obama Grabs Another 350 Acres In California For ‘Social Justice’


The land grabber-in-chief flew into LA this past Friday to fund raise and nationalize local mountains.

For the 13th time, Mr. Obama, a big fan of government-controlled land, misused the Antiquities Act of 1916 to remove land from free public use while pretending he’s not and put it in the hands of enviro-fanatics who think the bighorn sheep, mountain yellow-legged frogs and Santa Ana suckers need big government to survive.

The Antiquities Act is a great way to make the federal government the most powerful landlord in the country. We will have an inefficient government that’s subservient to political special interests serving as caretaker.

The San Gabriel mountains weren’t broken but Mr. Obama will fix them anyway.

Mr. Obama said he wants to preserve federal lands and waters especially for “children of color.”

Children of color can’t use it now but they will use it if D.C. controls it?

Mr. Obama sees U.S. land as belonging “to all of us – not just some of us.”

When he says this, he means the government will dole out land use.

He declared more than 346,000 acres of the San Gabriel Mountain range a national monument.

The range was well cared for by the National Forest and this land seizure was completely unnecessary.

Congresswoman Judy Chu, who has been spearheading the effort, says there will be no restrictions added to certain areas including no new fees or gates, and it will not stifle the economy.

What she said exactly is this: “Congressman Judy Chu, who has been spearheading the effort, says there will be no restrictions added to certain areas including no new fees or gates, and it will not stifle the economy.

“Certain areas” are the operative words. That means other areas will be restricted or include fees or gates. They will be closed off to all but enviro-Fascists.

Mr. Obama said this in his Friday speech: “…this is an issue of social justice.  Because it’s not enough to have this awesome natural wonder within your sight -– you have to be able to access it.  Right now, campgrounds are crowded, parking lots are tight, and there haven’t been enough resources to manage and maintain this area the way it deserves…And we’ll keep working with you to make sure that everybody in this diverse community –- no matter where they come from or what language they speak -– can enjoy all that this monument has to offer…The notion of a national monument is interesting because it reminds us that America belongs to all of us — not just some of us.”

The only way they won’t be crowded is if the government closes off the land according to its strictures.

Social justice is a Marxist concept and Mr. Obama now brandishes it about unabashedly. He can count on the uninformed to not know what he’s talking about.

What is Social Justice?

Social justice is an extension of the Karl Marx principle that wealth – both money and land – belongs to all of us. It must be equally divided until there is complete economic equality for all members of society.

In other words, it’s communism.

Karl Marx believed that there is a limited amount of money and all the money belongs to all of us because it was acquired “by the united action of all members of society.”

The wealthy are responsible for inequities of society according to Marxists. The rich allegedly pay only the minimum to workers and, after workers are exploited by them, the workers have to pay it back to them in the form of rent, food purchases, and other purchases.

Social justice guides communists in rectifying this alleged inequity via wealth redistribution.

Mr. Obama is the master of wealth redistribution. He wants to nationalize every sector of society, have big government collect all wealth and then distribute it equally.

Social justice is a euphemism for Marxism or collectivism.

Private property, the free market, local control must all give way to the collective and the massive government bureaucracy so the bureaucracy can distribute it equally except when it comes to cronies and other beneficiaries of government largesse.

Mr. Obama’s land grab goal is one million acres. No President has come close to closing off as many lands as Mr. Obama has.

This land grab won’t involve stealing private land – this time.

The Federal government is determined to take over all parks and forests in the country in the name of protecting the environment.

Where in the Constitution does it say the federal government can steal State land?

The new caretakers, the Bureau of Land Management has been notorious for not being able to protect the lands from cartels and other destructive elements.

Taking local lands out of the hands of locals and putting them in the hands of the federal government will be as productive as the federal government choosing winners and losers in healthcare, the economy, foreign affairs, climate change and so on.

Mr. Obama will protect the land the same way he protects Americans from cartels and terrorists coming across the border illegally and potential Ebola victims traveling into the country from West Africa. The federal government will do the same wonderful job that the Democrats did over the Delta smelt which left growers without water so the tiny useless fish could have it.

The more control the federal government takes for itself, the less power the people will have. We are heading for totalitarianism not equity or justice.

More info at the LA Times