Obama Has More Flexibility Now



Remember when President Obama sent the message to Comrade Putin that after the election he would have more flexibility on the missile defense system?

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Well, he’s more flexible now and he has abandoned the final phase of the missile defense system in Europe, the phase that Putin didn’t like.

Obama wants the Russians to cooperate in a nuclear arms reduction treaty. President Obama hopes to eventually destroy 80% of our nuclear weapons and, as part of this treaty, he plans an immediate reduction of 30% of our nuclear weapons.

He is selling out the European-based defenses. The NY Times claims it is to move resources to protect against North Korea, but this was planned before the N. Koreans threatened to bomb the United States.

Tass News agency declared, “U.S. abandons fourth phase of European missile defense system that causes the greatest objections from Russia.”

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Obama’s plan to destroy 80% of our nuclear weapons:

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Obama thinks we will see a world without nuclear weapons if he starts the ball rolling. The START Treaty required nothing of Russia but we did begin the destruction of our weapons.

Iran is building a nuclear weapon, N. Korea is threatening a nuclear war, Qaddafi’s weapons are loose among al Qaeda operatives and Obama continues with his deluded view of the world.

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