Obama Hasn’t Noticed the Politics And Isn’t Doing Much Campaigning – huh???



White House press secretary Jay Carney said the president spends only about 5 percent of his time on the campaign, and there will be plenty of opportunity to get more involved once the election is closer. “Because he does not need to now, he is not engaging particularly aggressively in his re-election campaign. It’s only January,” Carney said this week.

Really Jay, ARE YOU SURE??? They don’t pay Jay enough, whatever they pay him, it’s not enough.

Obama has been campaigning since last summer. As a matter of fact, did he ever stop? He certainly isn’t spending his time reaching across the aisle nor has he been visible during the budget process or passing of bills. He usually leaves the country when things get too hot.

The White House is currently abuzz with campaign activities and has been for some time. Obama’s aides are knee-deep in the re-election business. There are daily conference calls between top aides in the White House and campaign staff at the Chicago re-election headquarters and close consultation on message and travel according to the AP

Will the media allow Obamanocchio to get away with his saying he is disinterested in the politics, hasn’t noticed Republicans, isn’t campaigning?

Obama has been traveling from state to state railing against Republicans (5 of the last 6 states visited were key voting states), and the White House is campaign headquarters with Plouffe and Pfeiffer in regular attendance.

Chris Lehane, an aide in Bill Clinton’s White House, said the president’s travel schedule reflects campaign imperatives.

“The White House scheduling office is going to know that there are certain targeted states, and in those states targeted markets, and in those markets targeted districts you’re going to want to spend time in,” Lehane said.

The message Obama delivers while at home or on the road is discussed among campaign staff and White House officials on daily conference calls involving White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer, senior adviser David Plouffe and campaign officials in Chicago, according to a senior administration official. Campaign manager Jim Messina and senior adviser David Axelrod also travel from Chicago to meet with Obama at the White House fairly regularly, the official said, speaking anonymously to discuss private deliberations. (Source AP)

Despite claiming he’s not paying attention to Republicans, he uses fundraisers to take swipes at Republicans, such as the one on Monday in which he accused them of wanting to race to the bottom and wanting dirty air and water.

Here is some more non-politicking disinterest Obama exhibited on his trips this week, as told by the WaPo –

The president thanked staffers and encouraged them to run “a campaign that embodies the values we’re fighting for,” deputy press secretary Josh Earnest quoted him as saying.

A short time later, Obama rallied 500 supporters at the University of Illinois-Chicago, playing off his 2008 slogan, “Change you can believe in.”

“Change is hard, but it is possible,” Obama said after listing such accomplishments as ending the Iraq war, rescuing the auto industry and passing health-reform legislation.

“I’ve seen it, you’ve seen it, we have lived it,” he added. “And if you want to end the cynicism and end the game-playing that passes for politics these days and you want to send a message about what is possible, you can’t back down. Not now. You can’t give up. Not now. You have to keep pushing and fighting for the change we can believe in.”

Aides have said that Obama is focused on governing, not campaigning, but he has held five fundraisers this week alone.

Before heading to Chicago, the president had gathered business leaders to talk about how to create jobs at home. Although officials said the event was not political, it implicitly contrasted the president’s jobs push with Romney’s record at Bain Capital. Romney has been attacked by rivals for Bain’s tactics of restructuring companies and sending jobs abroad.

Obama recently raised a quarter of a billion dollars towards his re-election campaign thanks to his incessant fundraising- how many times has he flown to NYC to meet with the fat cats? Obama has spent most of his time as President doing what he does best, promoting himself and campaigning.