Obama Heard You, He Fired Chuck Hagel


Elections have consequences and Mr. Obama will be the first to tell you that. He claimed he heard the American public during the recent wave election but what he heard was that there must be a shakeup in his government to more firmly entrench his leftist agenda in which case, he must have people on his staff who can reinforce it.

Secretary Hagel, who has been under pressure to resign, is a good example. He is leaving with less than two years on the job.

I’m not a Chuck Hagel fan. For much of his tenure, he was a good Obama soldier, however, things changed last year.

Soon after Barack Obama called ISIS a JV Team, Hagel said this:

He did not follow marching orders when he went forward with a quarantine for military personnel. The White House was adamant that there be no quarantine. In October, Barack Obama strongly refused any quarantine of medical workers exposed to Ebola.

Secretary Hagel had a tense relationship with Susan Rice of Benghazi talking points fame.

Secretly Hagel has told people he was frustrated with the constant micromanaging.

According to The Washington Post, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said that Hagel “was frustrated with aspects of the administration’s national security policy and decision-making process,” citing “excessive micro-management” on the part of the White House.

Both Secretary Gates and Secretary Panetta had the same complaints as Secretary Hagel.

Things at the Pentagon are about to get a whole lot worse. Barack Obama has more flexibility now and he intends to community organize every facet of government and put all of it under tight executive control.

Neither side thinks Hagel is a particularly remarkable leader but Obama’s problems with him center around Hagel’s inability to turn the Pentagon into a bastion of Obama ideology. Hagel will also be blamed for the failures in Russia and in the mid-East no doubt.