Obama, Hill, Kerry & Dem’s Mideast Mushroom Cloud Legacy



Well it seems President Obama has lined up enough votes from “party first” sycophants to sustain a veto of his Iranian Nuclear “Deal”. Barack’s Democrat groupies are supporting this horrific compilation of concessions in spite of the fact it’s arguably worse than the catastrophic 1938 Munich Agreement. Recall, when the Munich pact was signed in September of that year, British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain promised “peace in our time”. In less than a year German troops invaded Poland, proving Chamberlain’s guarantee was only as good as Adolf Hitler’s word.

How could today’s nuclear deal with Iran be worse than the European capitulation that led to World War II? It’s simple. As calamitous as that deal proved to be (England and France “traded” Czechoslovakia’s “land” to Germany; “for peace”) even their incompetent negotiators didn’t deliver a financial windfall, and weapons of mass destruction, complete with delivery system, to the 3rd Reich.

The same can’t be said for our trio of narcissistic numbskulls, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Barack Obama. They negotiated against themselves, us, Israel, and the rest of civilized society until they’d gifted Iran with $150 Billion, along with a path to nuclear weapons and the ICBM’s to carry them. Endlessly extending numerous “deadlines” and caving to Iranian demands on one crucial “non-negotiable” point after another, exposed Barack’s desperation to fuel his insatiable ego with an Iranian accord, no matter how destructive.

Americans and Israelis were not the only ones watching in horror and disbelief as Obama surrendered to the Mullahs on every major issue. Other nations in the Middle East, who’ve lived under the threat of an increasingly, warlike, expansionist neighbor, saw what we saw, except from “up close”.

In April, well before this “agreement” was completed we wrote the following:

Yet, even given a horribly failed foreign policy track record that would humble all but the most incurable narcissist, President Barack Obama has pressed ahead on a deal that would allow an openly, defiant, belligerent Iran, to have nuclear weapons. That is scaring the hell out of an eclectic group of our traditional, regional friends, including but not limited to Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey.      

Leaders of those 4 nations, with a better sense of history than our guy….are warily watching Iran continue its military expansion into expensive, neighboring real estate. These men will most certainly not sit idly by. They will surely begin to protect their citizens by meeting the Iranian threat with nuclear arms of their own, filling the most volatile region in the world with apocalyptic devices. Let the “stockpiling of scientists” and weapons grade material begin!

If you’re thinking that this kind of proliferation can be managed as in the past, using the mantra of mutually assured destruction, you’d be dreaming. That deterrent only worked because neither the U.S. or Soviets wanted armageddon. The same cannot be said of Iran, the central, deadly protagonist in this crisis. There are disturbing, extreme messianic strains of thought coming from the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism that heartily embrace the kind of “end of days” scenario they feel would quicken the reappearance of the “Hidden Imam”.   Source

So, despite 60 million lives lost after Munich’s cataclysmic exercise in appeasement, Democrats primarily looking to secure a legacy for our egoist in chief, pursue that same historically tragic path. They’ll be voting in lemming-like lockstep, moving the Middle East and perhaps the rest of the world towards a looming lethal cliff.

Barack, Hillary, and Kerry, along with their Democrat lackeys, will be remembered all right, but for all the wrong reasons. Applying this doomed, ruinous, utopian diplomacy to the perpetually explosive Mid-East, is going to trigger an arms race. If the nuclear proliferation causes armageddon Obama and the Dems shall certainly secure their, well deserved dark place in history.

In the decades following this apocalyptic scenario, chroniclers will then be citing those murderous mushroom clouds choking out virtually all life in the Middle East as “Barack Obama’s Legacy”.   And while his craven Democrat pols, complicit in the other worldly horror, hope for anonymity as forgotten historical footnotes, the legions of those killed or maimed won’t be so lucky.



  1. In my opinion, the biggest threat to our National Security is the Democratic Party!!! Any politician with a “D” in front of their name has supported the “Traitor in Chief” since the beginning!
    I’m not giving a free pass to the rhinos but we’ve got many of them on our Watch List!
    I encourage all to engage in conversation to warn the “independents” that they should see how these politicians voted and supported the policies that have undermined our Country. Don’t waste time on a liberal or socialist!
    Debbie Wasserman Shultz still hasn’t answered the question asked of her on “what is the difference between a democrat and a socialist”. This is another good talking point to bring up at the water cooler!!
    In Liberty
    Joe D

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