Obama Hires Lawyer to Close GITMO



Photo of Clifford Sloan, DC attorney

Obama has hired a high-powered lawyer, Clifford Sloan, to close GITMO. Sloan has experience working with all branches of government.

Obama thinks that it will make us safer to close GITMO, release terrorists back to their home bases in terrorist countries, or give terrorists expensive trials in the states where they will have a platform for their hate rhetoric.

In late May, Obama lifted the ban on sending terrorists back to Yemen, a home base for many in al Qaeda.

Obama obviously plans to send the worst of the worst to the paper prisons in terrorist countries where they will be in prison for a few months tops.

The appointment of Sloan is in response to the House’s overwhelming passage Friday of a $638 billion defense bill that would block Obama from closing the detention facility, a bill he promised to veto.

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