Obama Hits a New Low



Governor Rick Scott told wftv news that $5 million in emergency Federal funds for the Orlando terror attack victims requested by Governor Rick Scott has been denied.

When the attack first occurred, the only officials Obama spoke with were the Democrat Senator and mayor. The Republican Governor, Lt. Governor, and attorney general were never contacted by the administration.

AG Loretta Lynch has offered $1 million to law enforcement in Orlando. The federal government will give more than a quarter million dollars to help pay overtime for first responders.

The governor will appeal the decision.

With all the money we blow on far lesser issues, why would we not support these victims with emergency funds?

The Boston bombing was declared a state of emergency and the governor doesn’t understand why the request was denied.

Federal Emergency Management said most other governors of states where mass shootings have taken place didn’t request such aid. The only problem with that is this isn’t a mass shooting, it’s a radical Islamic attack.

Rick Scott has been hammering Obama about destroying ISIS and complained this morning that the Feds are using the terrorism funds for everything but terrorism.


  1. Your ignorance is outstanding. Florida has repeatedly refused to accept federal money for other social crisis. This is not an emergency Numbnuts. The attack is over, the shooter is dead, and no one else is on the loose.
    If you are so stupid as to be worried about some nonexistent emergency, why don’t you suggest that Florida use all that money they saved by imposing drug testing on welfare recipients. Oh, that’s right. The morons running the state of Florida didn’t save any money. In fact it cost them millions of dollars because of the few they actually caught at the cost of all those tests.
    You are so full of bullshit.

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