Obama Illegally Redistributed 500 Million Tax Dollars to the UN Green Slush Fund



Barack Obama negotiated a climate change treaty in secret. He did not discuss the treaty with Congress but instead negotiated it by himself and with some of the world’s most oppressive foreign leaders in the U.N. The treaty requires the U.S. to donate resources and wealth to the world’s developing countries to be distributed by the statists in the U.N.

This is another form of Marxist redistribution, only this time it will be given to corrupt dictatorial governments without any accountability and with no veto power by the American people. It is endless taxation without representation.

Congress acted by prohibiting the use of funds for this purpose but Obama is doing it anyway and Congress only found out by reading the newspapers.

Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) asked a State Department official why $500 million was illegally removed without congressional approval to be put into the UN’s Green Climate slush fund. Congress made it clear the money was not to be allocated for the dictators’ club.

Obama “unilaterally pledged about three billion dollars for UN climate fund” and only Congress can appropriate the funds and they have not authorized any funding for the international climate change agenda, Barrasso told a State Department official.

Congress has specifically “prohibited” any funds to the UN climate change slush fund.

Barrsso said no money was allocated for it but “now media is reporting this morning that the administration deposited $500 million into the UN Green Climate Fund. It appears to be the latest example of the administration going around Congress because the American people don’t really support what the ‘president’ is doing with this initiative.”

“We have reviewed our authorities and made a determination that we can make this um uh payment to the green climate fund,” the Obama minion said.

There is no legal right but they always find an excuse and our Congress is left holding the bag and the bad PR. Obama is breaking the law, violating his oath, and letting the American people know he is the dictator. He’s thumbing his nose at the half of the country paying attention while being cheered on by fools and statists.

Barrasso said, “I firmly oppose what the president is doing here and this misuse, I believe, of taxpayer dollars, I think is completely in violation of the law.”

“The United States’ national debt currently is $19 trillion, we have struggling communities across this country in need of help, there was a debate in Flint the other night, and I just think it’s hard to explain to taxpayers in struggling communities across our country, even places like Flint, that this ‘president’ and this administration is willing to give $500 million as a handout to foreign bureaucrats instead of addressing real problems here at home.”

The Obama statists, who entertain themselves with regal vacations and continuously lie to the American people, are doing whatever they want. They are giving money to dictators and socialists without any vehicle for accountability. It fills the pockets of some evil people. It’s a scam but they are Obama cronies.

In May of last year, Barrasso predicted this very outcome. Obviously it was well-planned.

In Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee hearings last May, Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) asked State Department Acting Assistant Secretary Judith Garber if the administration plans “to pursue a course to try to make it [a climate change treaty] legally binding in the United States by bypassing Congress at the same time?”

Without making any effort to deny the real possibility of an unconstitutional fiat, she unabashedly stated, “Our objective for Paris is to have a significant agreement, a meaningful agreement with robust and transparent emissions reduction targets that include all countries, including the major emerging economies. At this point the question of what that agreement would look like at the end is still an open question because we are at initial stages of the negotiations and everything is still on the table.”

The arrogance of this administration is stunning. They simply dodge questions.

Barrasso tried again. “So no decision’s been made about whether the administration plans to submit the agreement from Paris to the Senate for advice and consent?”

Garber stonewalled again but her non-answer was very telling in light of Obama’s imperialistic tendencies. “It’s at a very early stage in the negotiations.”

“The focus of our $3 billion request for the “Green Climate Fund” is to help reduce climate pollution and strengthen resilience with a particular focus on developing countries that are most vulnerable,” she answered vaguely.

It wasn’t very reassuring. It does show one thing – the U.S. administration plans to redistribute our wealth to developing countries in the name of their god – climate change.

We will be punished for our wealth which the leftists think we’ve greedily accumulated from that which belongs to the world.

These are also the entangling foreign alliances our forefathers warned us about.

“It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world”, George Washington warned in his Farewell Address to us. The inaugural pledge of Thomas Jefferson was as clear: “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations-entangling alliances with none.”

A treaty unilaterally agreed to by Obama, worked out in secret, and which redistributes our wealth to foreign dictators based on a science only proven on computer models, calls out as an entangling alliance.