Obama Indeed Proves He Is “Not Manly”



Manly according to Merriam-Webster is an adjective defined as having or denoting those good qualities traditionally associated with men, such as courage and strength.

A few nights ago, Lt. Col. Peters said Obama is not manly, referring to Obama’s inability to say he’s sorry or learn from past mistakes.

Go to 04:12:

As it turns out, Barack Obama has proven it again within only two days of Peters’ comments. Snce Obama lost the Israeli election to Netanyahu (and, yes, that’s exactly what I mean), he will get his revenge.

He now says he won’t try to work with Netanyahu on any issue and won’t talk with him directly because he doesn’t want to “waste his time.”

The U.N. hates Israel and Jews and Obama has indicated he will abandon Israel at the U.N. This is the same type of anti-Semitism we saw under Jimmy Carter.

The AP reported Friday that the Obama administration signaled on Wednesday it could take a tougher stance toward Benjamin Netanyahu following his decisive Israeli election victory and promise to not go back to 1967 borders. There will be consequences he promised.

One of the possibilities according to aides is that the U.S. could ease its staunch opposition to Palestinians turning to the UN Security Council to create a state.

“There are policy ramifications for what he said,” one official said of Netanyahu’s campaign rhetoric rejecting the creation of a Palestinian state. “This is a position of record.”

Israel was officially recognized on May 14, 1948 by President Harry S. Truman, and other nations reluctantly followed his lead. With a stroke of the pen, Obama could gather support at the U.N. to recognize the imaginary land of Palestine, the nation that never existed.

Obama hates Netanyahu and Israel enough to do it.

He’s no man.