Obama Is Destroying the American Dream – Leon Panetta Interview


Different people will get different things from the O’Reilly interview with Leon Panetta last evening. What I got out of it is this administration is destroying the American dream and we can’t allow this to continue until Barack Obama is out of office.

Leon Panetta, former Defense Secretary under Barack Obama, was interviewed by Bill O’Reilly of Fox News last evening. It was alarming to anyone who listened beyond Mr. Panetta’s diplomatic language. He is very worried about our country under this administration.

We should be very concerned that a loyal Democrat who genuinely likes Barack Obama is quite obviously sounding the alarm. He didn’t at all sound like a man who just wants to sell a book. He sounded like someone who is very worried about our country.

He doesn’t think the country can go on like this for “two-and-a-half more years”.

Panetta thinks that “deep down” Barack Obama “knows what needs to be done, what he’s got to do is develop the will to fight.”

“I believe in the American dream, and my parents believe deeply in the American dream. My father used to tell me the reason he came to this country is because my mother and he believed that he could give their children a better life,” he recollected. “I’m worried about whether or not our children are going to have a chance at a better life,” he said.

Panetta put forth a clear warning – “we can be an America in decline or one experiencing a Renaissance”. Listen to the first clip for his viewpoint.

Additional clips below on Iraq and Benghazi:

Full interview: